June 12, 2021

Mumford And Sons gave his infinite love in CDMX #WARPGigs

// By: Staff

Thu 26 September, 2019

Photos: Majo Tielve

Place: Sports Palace

Date: September 25, 2019

3 years ago on the walls of the Sports Palace, the last words that hid the promise of a love that promised that we would meet again, fading in the last lyrics of the song ‘The Wolf’ by the British group, echoed at the top of their lungs. by folk rock Mumford and Sons.

They surprised the world by debuting their sound with ‘The Cave’, a song that he conquered with Winston’s banjo, accompanied by Marcus’s heartbreaking voice. They made us want to hear a full-length first album and the result was somewhat exciting. Sigh No More (2009), this was the trigger that led them to headline festivals like Coachella, which gave us hope about a possible visit to Mexico, but it was not until 2016 with their third LP, Wilder Mind (2015), who reached the Copper Dome, keeping a promise in the air that they would return soon.

Three years passed and the band showed that they had evolved, changed and left for many the spirit that we admired in a Sigh No More, more than 9 years ago. Mumford topped the lists of the best festivals in 2019, hopeful with the revelation of the ACL poster, his name paraded in the headliners in the company of a Kacey Musgraves; it was only a matter of time before we heard the news of an expected return to our country.

The calendar marked September 25, 2019 and the rain decided to be our companion during those hours of waiting that turned into moments of anguish, excitement, and adrenaline. You could see in the faces of the attendees that hope of feeling again the love that broke the knot in the throats of thousands in 2016 and that made them feel more alive than ever.

It was time for music to take over the Pepsi Center once again, and it was the Australians who came to open the doors to calm those cravings, delivering an excellent presentation and that is the charisma of vocalist David Le’aupepe from Gang Of Youths , He beat us by performing pieces like “Let Me Down Easy”, “Magnolia” and “The Heart Is A Muscle”, setting the stage to receive Marcus Mumford and company.

Mumford and Sons was ready to drop the chords of their first piece, one that filled us with hope and tears in our eyes, because it was with her that they decided to return once more to the stage and break the silence, ‘Guiding Light ‘sounded perfect, the performance of each of the musicians was excellent.

Marcus’s voice crossed our body over and over again, it was inevitable not to feel that adrenaline and to merge with the music, that was the moment when we stopped being just a human being and began to live in each chord, each note, each word that Marcus spat with his body; we let ourselves be carried away by the beauty of the moment when it only existed: “Cause even when there is no star in sight, You’ll always be my only guiding light“.

The deafening screams left few seconds for the second song by ‘Little Lion Man’, monopolized by the power of Marshall’s banjo, a fast work that swept away the melancholy that some hid in their hearts; at times the venue it became an endless dance.

It was about releasing and flowing to reach calmer moments in charge of ‘Beloved’, demonstrating an evolution that the band needed, those were bodies tired of telling the same story and they dedicated themselves to creating their new path, which for some their The last album has been the worst in history, for others it was their introduction to the band, and it is that they ventured to a new form of composition that can be said is almost impeccable, with lyrics that continue to maintain all the feeling that we saw born in 2007.

We went back in time and went to visit our ghosts from the past, it was aLover of the Light ‘from 2012, keeping calm to bring us to a climax, chanting over and over again “But love the one you hold, And I’ll be your goal, to have and to hold. A lover of the light.” followed by the moment they left the folk sideways and they risked the fury and power that they hid in those electrifying guitars, I am talking about the third album, one of the most powerful that has great jewels like ‘Tompkins Square Park’.

The time for ‘Believe’ came, followed by ‘Rose of Sharon’, who showed us a mature band, a Marcus who was trying to launch himself to the public, but still did not drop his body in the crowd; few were the lucky ones who touched his hand or pulled his shirt, there were few who saw him parade down the catwalk, there were few such moments compared to his first visit to Mexico, in which he entered the public at the Palacio de los Deportes and even security came to help him so that he could leave.

It is very true that nothing in this life is the same or lives in the same way, no presentation of the band can be even similar, we all change and only leave the old skin on the ground and continue with a new outfit loaded with new ones. feelings, which gave us a more contemplative Winston, which denoted the joy of interpreting new pieces, manifesting ecstasy for living new things and experiencing different emotions, without a doubt the band was happy at every moment when interpreting the new pieces, thus like the great moments of the past that sounded to the rhythm of ‘The Cave’, which was suspended in a unified song that presented us with hope for an old love, despair for freedom, for living a longed-for life and forever returning to what loved.

‘The Wolf’ marked the end of an era, the acceptance that we are infinite beings in feelings and ideas, but finite in body, teaching us to enjoy the moment, allowing emotions to pierce our organs and lacerate our bones, to become the infinite poetry of a summer night.

A cute little sky was enough for the band to recharge energy and return to perform ‘Awake My Soul’, followed by ‘Snake Eyes’, to fall into the tranquility of ‘Woman’ and ‘Blood’ in which Marcus invited Gang of Youths to go up .

Thus ended one more night, one in which Mumford and Sons wrote the most honest love letter in the world, who filled us with dreams, made us take our feet off the ground and reach heaven with their folk. Well they say that dreams come true only if you believe in them, and it is clear that the band believes in their dreams and want to get further from where they are.

The promise that Mumford and Sons once again leaves suspended is that they will wait for us to lift their instruments, and make the moment something infinite.