June 16, 2021

Noel Gallagher plans a tour to play songs from Oasis

This week, Noel Gallagher launched his new theme Flying On The Ground, who is part of a great success with his band High Flying Birds.

The musician described in his social networks the origin of the song that will be part of Back the Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011-2021), that will be known in the next few hours.

“It is literally the best I have presented in recent years. If Burt Bacharach wrote for Motown, this is what it would sound like… just not that good… obviously, “he wrote in a post.

His fans are excited to see him in action with his brother Liam Gallagher. The twists and turns of a possible Oasis return sapped hopes a bit. He even jokingly launched a sum of money to make the reunion possible: 100 million pounds, almost 150 million dollars.

Likely tour

Noel told in a recent interview with The Sun who is planning a tour where he will play several of the classics of the remembered band.

The guitarist maintained that he was very involved with the new work of High Flying Birds, but he realized that his followers want to hear those songs.

“When I’m making an album, I don’t think about my legacy. I’m in the trenches with the songs and I follow my instincts. How they come out is how they come out. In general, High Flying Birds It is a totally different configuration from Oasis ”, highlighted the eldest of the Gallaghers.

“But when I prepare a show, you have to merge the two. You cannot charge people 70 pounds for a ticket and not play a handful of Oasis songs, some of the most famous songs of the nineties,” he defined in the interview.

“I will probably be approaching a tour that mainly he will have Oasis songs when he does the acoustic part. There is always a plan to get that out right with a touring band, but I’m not sure when it will happen due to COVID, “he added.