June 16, 2021

Paz Vega rescues a dress that María Pedraza wore three years ago

This summer, it’s not just the influencers not the supermodels who are setting the tone with their outfits. Recently, it is Paz Vega the one that has grabbed headlines for its anecdotal style choices. Earlier this week, he stomped on the Malaga Festival red carpet with a structural design that connected her with Doña Letizia and, just a month ago, he put the light printed two-piece suit at the Madrid Mutua Open. As if that were not enough, every week he also surprises us with his looks on the program Mask Singer, of which he is a jury. In fact, last night’s gala has not been the exception, as it has worn a vestido ‘shine-shine’ that we found it excessively familiar, so much so that we soon realized that it had been worn by another well-known Spanish actress almost three years ago.


Will your new brand be ‘fetish’?

The Sevillian dazzled (literally) in the last broadcast of Mask Singer with a eighties dress with shoulder pads and turtleneck, made with sequins in cool shades positioned geometrically, The 2nd Skin Co. It seems no coincidence that this same Spanish firm was in charge of dressing her just a couple of days ago with a custom-made embossed black jumpsuit for its second day at the Malaga Festival. We will have to wait to determine if we are witnessing a enduring alliance between actress and designers of this young national brand that has dressed Jennifer López, Jessica Biel o Toni Garrn.


María Pedraza signed him long before

The protagonist of Elite attended the premiere of the at that time new big promise from Netflix, in 2018, with the same dress that her colleague showed off last night. However, each one takes it in their own way without leaving behind the essence of the look. Unlike Paz, María chose to collect her hair and complement it with striking metallic strap sandals. The 2nd Skin Co. is, on its own terms, ‘halfway between haute couture and ready to wear’, a label that distinguishes them for their eclectic references to popular culture materialized in an artisanal and highly sensual way. This particular design is part of their line Fall / Winter 2018-2019, based on the optimism of the eighties and its carefree style icons: Jane Fonda, Grace Jones, Farrah Fawcett, among others.


An ‘angel’ gave his stamp of approval

Is eighties inspiration and devotion to glitter they captured followers outside the borders of Spain. In December 2018, shortly after the launch of the collection, Josephine Skriver attended the annual celebration of Victoria’s Secret, a lingerie firm that launched her to stardom, with an almost identical design to which Paz Vega and María Pedraza took. It is a version with asymmetrical neckline (although it maintains the raised shoulders detail) and a contrasting black belt to define the figure.