June 16, 2021

The Javis reveal that Madonna invited them to her house and that they skipped the protocol with the Kings

Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, better known as Los Javis, were this Wednesday at ‘El hormiguero’ and told the most diverse and curious anecdotes: since his friendship with singer Madonna to the best kept secrets of ‘Mask Singer’.

Pablo Motos began by asking the directors and scriptwriters of the series ‘Poison’, that “they had hit it internationallyand even “Madonna wanted to meet you”. “Wow, you’re going strong,” they started saying upon hearing the first question.

“It is the is the anecdote of the anecdotes. We have a WhatsApp group with Madonna. I send you notes, send photos with filters … “, Ambrossi pointed out.

Calvo began by warning that they were going to count “as far as we can count” and then he started with the anecdote. “At three in the morning, suddenly a message: ‘Madonna wants to meet you in five minutes’. There is another schedule. So I wake up Javi, I tell him I’m nervous, I have this message that Madonna wants to meet us and He told me: ‘I’m asleep, what are you telling me?’ and I said: ‘right now you’re going to wake up, you’re going to shave and we’re going down in five minutes. At ten past three in the morning we went down. “

Javier Calvo: “Madonna is wonderful, charming. She is magical”

Suddenly they tell us that it is delayed half an hour. “We falling asleep, with the mobile on, 80 lamps, an improvised set … We make a coffee and there waiting … Suddenly, he finally appears. He tells us that he liked ‘Poison’ very much, that he had liked it very much, that he had been moved and delighted. She is wonderful, she is charming. It really is magic “, Calvo said.

“We got on very, very well. We were commenting on the series, then he told us: ‘I want to meet you, come and meet me.’ We meet at his house in London “, Ambrossi indicated, to later tell how it was when they arrived at Madonna’s home. “It is fun. I come to a street and say this. I ring the bell and they say, ‘Yes?’

Then they told the person, in English, “We wanted to see Madonna.” “Someone passes by with the dog behind as if to say: ‘these two fans …’, and Suddenly we said: ‘we are Los Javis’ and the door opens. And what happened belongs to privacy. ”

The Javises reveal a secret of Mask Singer Atresmedia

Madonna’s name rings out loud as a possible Medusa identity

Calvo only had good words for Madonna: “She is a wonderful, magical person. You can tell when you are with these types of people., that they have done so much, and that they have witnessed so much and have changed the world and you realize why … There is something electric, there is something magical, there is something that you say: ‘Damn, of course, you are Madonna, you will not be. Of course you are”.

His close friendship with Madonna has increased the rumors that the singer can hide under the mask of Medusa and ‘Mask Singer‘, although other sounding names are Geri Halliwell o Mel B de las ‘Spice Girls’ since it is another of the international faces next to La Toya Jackson.

One of the secrets of ‘Mask Singer’

The Javises also revealed one of the secrets of ‘Mask Singer’ so that the identity is not leaked of famous person that is under the mask. By the way, in the third gala they surprised us with Hope Aguirre under the mask of Mariposa.

Calvo recounted: “I don’t know if people know, although I don’t know if it can be told … the mask is revealed in absolute secrecy, there is no one. They throw the whole audience off the set and the whole team so it doesn’t leak. Only the camera stays, we (Ambrossi, Vega, Mota and him), the character in the mask, Arturo Valls and the regidor “.

His partner explained: “We record with the audience until they are about to remove their maskThey kick everyone out, and we continue. ”

Calvo added: “We left the set and everyone looks at us to tell them who it is, was it or was it not?“The public tries to read their facial gestures to find out if they were correct in their investigations.”Has there ever been a shit coming out … “, confessed.

The Javis skip protocol with the Kings

The brother of actress Macarena Gómez explained: “We have coincided with Letizia and Felipe and a marvel. We have been talking about cinema and very well, really “.

Calvo explained later: “I knew they were coming. So I asked the typical, what do I have to do, how do I greet, they told me: ‘Well, normally you shake hands and it is the bow but now you can’t [por el coronavirus], you have to do so. It’s never about you, always about your Majesty and you ‘and when they arrived I said:’ hello, how are you, how are you? “, he counted between laughs. “And I have not been able to do anything that I had to do but very naturally, very well. “

Ambrossi added: “We have talked about Berlanga, Miyazaki, Almodóvar …”.

Calvo went on to say: “It was more natural than I expected. Whenever he saw the images on television he said: ‘what will they talk about’. Well, from the film exhibition, very natural. Another experience”.

In another of the moments of the interview, Motos asked them how his meeting with Reyes Felipe and Letizia had been in the opening of the Berlanga exhibition, ‘Berlanguiano. Luis García Berlanga (1921-2021) ‘, organized by the Film Academy at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando.

The reason why Javier Calvo hardly does ‘Drag Race’

Calvo later confessed one of his biggest fears: “I’ve been very addicted to seeing what they thought of me and I was very screwed up because now I was going to do two shows, “he said referring to ‘Mask Singer’ and ‘Drag Race’.

“It’s my illusion to do ‘Drag race’ and even though I’m a longtime fan I hardly do it because I am afraid that it will affect me, that they criticize me or what they can say about me and suddenly, magically, when the program was going to be released, Twitter tells me that my account has been disabled because there was unusual activity and you had to change the password and I couldn’t get into Twitter and I swear to you, I’m happy“he explained.

Javi explained how criticism affected him: “I’m trying to fix it but on the other hand I say: ‘If it’s not fixed, nothing happens, I watch the program and see if I like what I’m doing, I think if I am proud of what I am doing, if my family and friends are, and I have realized that what others think determines a lot. Then I thought: “He’s right, I’m an idiot; he’s right, I’m useless, I’ve done it wrong, I’m ugly … They’re right because I read it. Not reading it has made me see: ‘hey, I’m not so bad, how nice, how cool’“.

Ambrossi then dedicated these beautiful words of love and admiration to your partner: “How is this person going to tell you? nobody nothing bad, if he is the most incredible person you can find in your life “. Then he approached to give a kiss on the mouth.

Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, in El Hormiguero
Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, in El Hormiguero Atresmedia