June 12, 2021

They reveal the possible identity of Plátano, from ‘Mask Singer’

The second edition of ‘Mask Singer’ has its viewers again in suspense to try to guess which famous face is hiding under the masks.

For the moment, already the identities have been knownThey were hidden under Menina, who was Toya Jackson, Gatita, who was Isabel Preysler, and Mariposa, who was Esperanza Aguirre.

The first three galas have been a surprise since they are quite powerful famous people. Besides Michael Jackson’s sister, everything seems to indicate that under Medusa, It is also found another famous international singer. At the moment the bets are Mel B or Geri Halliwell, who formed the group of the ‘Spice Girls’.

However, after Los Javis -Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi- revealed in ‘El hormiguero’ that they are friends of Madonna, that they have a WhatsApp chat with her and that the singer invited them to her house in London to meet them in person, rumors increased that the interpreter of ‘La isla bonita’ could be behind Medusa’s identity.

Yet There are 12 skins to discover and there are already many bets of the possible names behind them. However, this Wednesday, the name of the famous who is under Banana it could have been unintentionally revealed.

It is Juan Ibáñez (Barrancas) who is below Plátano in Mask Singer Youtube

Damián Mollá (Barrancas): “Juanito Banana, who is Banana from ‘Mask Singer'”

In one of the moments of program ‘Vodafone yu‘, presented by Ana Morgade, she was talking to her collaborators Jorge Brown Martin -known as Marron- and those in charge of putting the voices of the ants of ‘El hormiguero’, Juan Ibáñez -who plays Trancas- and Damián Mollá -who plays Barrancas-.

They were all commenting on how they were called when they were little. However, when Morgade gives way to publicity and the applause is heard, Mollá suddenly blurted out: “Juanito Banana, who is Banana from ‘Mask Singer'”. A few words that can be heard at minute 9:46 of this video and that can be interpreted as a slip or neglect of Barrancas believing that they are already in the publi.

In the networks there are bets that who is hiding behind the mask of Plátano is Juan Ibáñez, Trancas

Is it a blunder or just a joke? The funny thing is that after revealing the possible identity of Plátano, if you search on social networks, the name of Juan Ibáñez or the ant Trancas sounds like one of the great bets from many viewers of the show ‘Mask Singer: Guess who sings’.

It could also be that Trancas’ own colleagues and friends believe that Juan is the one who hides behind the mask of Banana. Do not forget that the identity is totally unknown and the celebrities who participate in the Antena 3 program they are not allowed to tell anyone they are contestants and all kinds of measures are taken so that they are not recognized.

Even, as revealed by Los Javis, at the moment when the character is going to remove the costume, “they throw the whole audience off the set and the whole team so it doesn’t leak. Only the cameraman remains, us (Ambrossi, Vega, Mota and him), the character in the mask, Arturo Valls and the alderman “.

The truth is if you hear him sing, his voice is quite similar and it would not be unreasonable for it to be him since he is one of the well-known faces of the chain and the program He usually tells about them as it happened in ‘Mask Singer 1’, with Cristina Pedroche or Mónica Carrillo.

We will have to wait for them to give more clues and your identity can be guessed. Then we can see if Mollá screwed up or was it a joke. Or maybe it was his personal bet too.