June 16, 2021

Tina Turner’s double recalled controversy with Vodanovic in Yo Soy »DUPLOS

Victoria González, Tina Turner’s double is one of the most remembered doubles not only because she participated in My Name Is and in I am, but also because of the controversy he had with Antonio Vodanovic in this last program.

In conversation with the program Los Caminos de la Vida, the artist spoke about the excesses into which she fell after her divorce: “I was depressed for a year. Lost in addictions where you don’t realize what you’re doing ”.

“I want what I experienced to be an example for people of what not to do. Losing yourself by being with people you shouldn’t “, claimed Tina Turner’s doppelganger.

In that sense, the impersonator thanked all the support that the production of My name is, because “It helped me in my rehabilitation.”

“They came to look for me at my house, they took me to a hospital where after several days, I was discharged and then left with a producer from the channel to live for a long time while I healed my emotional wounds “, remembered.

The resignation of Tina Turner’s doppelganger

A very different experience was the one he had Victoria Gonzalez in Yo Soy, because in his presentation, Antonio Vodanovic’s comment was: “In her time Tina Turner were the best legs of the 80s, or the best legs of rock, your legs are not like Tina Turner. But I would still like to see you again ”.

After the incident, “The producer of Yo Soy, calls me and says ‘stay calm, this is not going to air because it is misogynistic'”.

“I do not know if Vodanovic wanted to make a joke and it went wrong. I don’t think the man thought that coming from his house he would say ‘I’m going to say such a thing to Tina Turner’s double’ “, commented.

However, he reflected: “If the first day you hit me with a blow, you look at my legs instead of telling me that I should improve the color of my voice or diction, I already felt that things were going wrong.”

After this bad experience, Tina Turner’s doppelganger resigned even though the production tried to convince her to keep moving forward.: “I felt so bad and of course, I came with a beautiful and beautiful experience of four years of My Name Is.”

“I do not claim that all programs are the same, but at least a minimum of respect for the artist. I come to be Tina Turner and for a man with so much experience to talk about my legs was like… are you…? ”, concluded.