July 31, 2021

cabinets, trash TV and Tamara Falcó

They are as multifaceted as they are ubiquitous and we are not exaggerating if we say that they are everywhere. After triumphing with ‘La Llama’ and ‘Paquita Salas’, they added a new success with ‘Poison’, one of the most talked about Spanish series and with the best critics of those that were released in 2020. Now los Javis are part of the jury of ‘Mask Singer: guess who sings’, a new Antena 3 format presented by Arturo Valls. But they also hold the position in another Atresmedia novelty, ‘Drag Race España’.

“I would say that it is the best casting that I have seen and the best in the history of television in Spain. There were names that we did not even want to propose because we thought it was not possible and even that has been overcome. It has been magical, we have fun and we have stung ourselves to the point of getting angry, “he assured El Confidencial Javier Ambrossi, when it started his journey in ‘Mask Singer’.

But although it may seem that we already know everything about them, They just left us a very curious anecdote in the first installment of ‘BSO’, the new program of Emilio Aragon for Movistar +, in which he takes a musical journey through the lives of his guests. There we learned that the Javis wrote nothing less than to Annie Lennox an emotional letter to let them use one of his songs in his movie ‘The Call’. A few days later, they received the singer’s reply: “Use it for whatever you want.”

Los Javis, on Javier Ambrossi’s Instagram. (Instagram @soyambrossi)

Couple in real life, the two are an example of the new type of artist of this century: free of prejudice, so fanatical of Whitney Houston like Tamara Falco, they have come to awaken the admiration of many of their contemporaries, those who have also felt their ‘call’. After casting has drawn up a decalogue to get to know these two guys who have conquered the scene better; the great and small screen of our country.

Ambrossi’s coming out of the closet

Javier Ambrossi, in a file image. (Cordon Press)

Neither of them has ever hidden their homosexuality or that they are a couple. On one occasion, they also commented for Cadena Ser how they had come out of the closet. Ambrossi was 18 years old and came from a school in the The Work of God. An inconsequential conversation with her mother about an omelette was the key. “My mother was making a potato omelette and I told her ‘what a tortilla you are’ and my mother answered me ‘the only tortillera is you’. He told me as a joke and I took the opportunity and told him ‘so thats it’”.

Calvo’s coming out of the closet

Javier Calvo. (Cordon Press)

The Making of ‘Physics or Chemistry’ It was not so difficult for him to tell his family that he was gay. “I was hungover and going to a communion and the topic came up in the conversation. I said it without more, the truth. It was nothing very traumatic. Then he obviously brought a tail ”, the young man confessed during the same interview as his boyfriend. In addition, he also explained that one of the most surreal (and false) moments of his life was the one in which he saw himself in a photograph published by a magazine of the heart that claimed that he was accompanied by his girlfriend in full Gay Pride.

Their age difference

Although they are practically from the same generation, those millennials who surprise with their talent and who have grown up witnessing great changes in the digital universe, Ambrossi He is seven years older than Calvo. He was born on June 24, 1984 and Calvo on January 21, 1991.

Defenders of ‘trash TV’

Jorge Javier, during the broadcast of ‘Save me’. (Mediaset)

Open-minded, both have been public defenders of the misnamed ‘trash TV’, ensuring that they like programs such as ‘Big Brother’ O ‘Save me’. Not by chance, Jorge Javier Vazquez He has been one of the producers of the film adaptation of ‘The Call’. Firm defenders of the Telecinco universe, have confessed that they would like to rescue, for their web series ‘Paquita Salas’ to presenters like Maria Abradelo O Sofia Mazagatos (“The one with the chandelier”, as stated Calvo In an interview).

His moment Tamara Falcó

Tamara Falcó. (Getty)

“It was the great gay moment of my life.” Thus described Javier Calvo the presence, during various functions of ‘The call’, of the very Tamara Falco, one of his most unsuspected fans. The daughter of Isabel preyslerA firm believer and a great Christian, she enjoyed the work about three times.

Its two beds of 100 euros

After writing ‘The call’ In their small apartment in the Malasaña neighborhood, the two young men fought for their work to reach the stage. Apart from nagging the owners of the Lara theater, the place where their play was born, the Javises had to figure out how to buy the props for themselves. They themselves had to buy the two beds of the young women who star in the story at a summer camp. They did it through Ebay. The price: 100 euros, which they had to pay when their economy was somewhat more precarious.

Javier Calvo’s sexual confession

It was one of those phrases that filled pages and pages of the network. Úrsula Corberó confessed some of the spiciest moments that the protagonists of the series had experienced ‘Physics or Chemistry’. “We all fucked everyone and no one got angry.” The ex of Velencoso he couldn’t imagine the commotion that would ensue from his words. Calvo, A prominent member of the cast of the series with a homosexual character, was one of those who supported the statement of the actress. “It had to come out sooner or later. All true. Úrsula, I love you ”.

Work between family (and friends)

‘The call’ it is a very personal work and film for the two creators. One of the reasons is that it is full of friends and colleagues who have been with them throughout their lives. Macarena Garcia, the protagonist of the film, is the sister of Ambrossi in real life. Anna Castillo, another of the protagonists, is a great friend of the couple and has also appeared in ‘Paquita Salas’. In the film there is even a cameo by Brays Efe, the protagonist of that web series offered by the Netflix platform.

The actresses of ‘Veneno’ receive an Ondas: the tragedy that the Javis have revealed

Jose Madrid

Your anniversary reminds you Facebook

Ambrossi Y Calvo They have been together since 2010. And the anniversary, according to what they told themselves, is reminded by Facebook. “We have known each other for seven years … I look at Facebook and say … this man was already here,” he said. Ambrossi.

Your childhood idols

Heterodox to the end, his two child idols were Laura Pausini (for Calvo) and Lydia Bosch (Ambrossi). In the case of the latter, it may have to see that his favorite series was ‘Family doctor’.