July 28, 2021

Eric Clapton y B. B. King. – Update México

Imagine what it must feel like for a figure of the stature of Eric Clapton to pay you a well-deserved tribute in life. Such were the achievements and contributions to the world of music by the great bluesman and one of the greatest guitar figures, BB King.


2020 marked the 20th anniversary of the release of the material Riding with The Kingby Eric Clapton and B. B King, a testament to good music in a genre much appreciated, the blues. It was on June 13 of that year when it was available in record stores, at a time when physical copies still dominated.


It was no exaggeration to call BB “King” (besides, it was his birth name). Riley B. King was born in 1925 and passed away in 2015, at the age of 89. Despite the fact that his health was not optimal, he remained on stage as far as possible. Out of love and passion for music, out of gratitude to his followers and because he simply couldn’t stop singing and playing.

Riding with The King is a collection of great blues tracks and some of its great composers like Big Bill Bronzy, Harold Arlen, Isaac Hayes and Sam Hopkins. Sure, the 12-song album includes compositions by King himself.


The two guitar virtuosos met in 1967 when Clapton was still part of Cream. However, they did not collaborate on a studio recording until 1997 on King’s studio album, Deuces Wild. This one, highly recommended by the way, contains duets with Van Morrison, Dr. John., Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones, Dione Warwick and David Gilmour, among others.

Since then, Clatpon and King have sought the opportunity to work together on a record production. This finally happened in 1999 and resulted in the project we are talking about. Riding with The King It is a project to make BB shine; in the end, that was Clapton’s goal. It is a dozen compositions and 61 minutes of good blues that you want to listen to on board a convertible and feel the air in your body, as shown in the cover photo.

Joints like these are rarely seen, so we take the opportunity to remember this fabulous material from the year 2000.