July 24, 2021

Myths and legends of the Seventh Art – Diario La Tribuna

Unforgettable films and an equal amount of anthological scenes, exciting, intense, endearing and hard, according to the tastes and preferences of each person, which have been recorded in the collective imagination, are the cases of: 1) “Saturday night fever“(Saturday Night fever), directed by John Badham in 1977. Someone already said,” The day he was ‘born’ Tony Manero, the discos were never the same again. Throughout the world the little step of John Travolta’s character remained in the collective memory until generations passed ”(https://cambio21.cl/tendencias/).

“A film that entered history for more than launching Travolta to stardom, as it promoted the Disco movement around the world, becoming a sociocultural phenomenon that drastically changed the lifestyle at that time… Pants with booties, colorful shirts long necks, big buckled belts, pop culture, the cries of the Bee Gees. Saturday Night Fever it hit theaters in the United States on December 12, 1977 and never left again. ” Quentin Tarantino decided to somehow honor the legendary film with a scene that turned out to be iconic in the end in “Pulp Fiction”(1994), where the bully Vincent Vega (John Travolta), dances with Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman), to the rhythm of You never can tell’by Chuck Berry, which is still going viral. The sequence of the dance that is exhibited is taken from a video channel, called “Jose Antonio”, (See www.youtube.com).

2)Alien: the eighth passenger “, directed by Ridley Scott in 1979. Two scenes stand out. The first, the birth of The Alien or Xenomorph, which comes out violently from Kane’s (John Hurt) chest, killing him immediately, and escaping to hide in the ship. And the second, the scene in which Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) being in the shuttle preparing to go into hypersleep and escape the destruction of the ship Nostromo, discovers that the Alien is also there, so he proceeds, inside a capsule, to slowly and stealthily put on a spacesuit, and the director’s camera, like an erotic scene, portrays her statuesque female body, wearing a bikini heart attack … then, Ripley prepares to depressurize the area by opening the hatch, managing to expel the monster into the void.

3)10, the perfect woman “, American comedy, directed by Blake Edwards in 1979, and turned into one of the most emblematic films of the decade of the ´80. TO Bo Derek, an erotic myth of the seventh art, a couple of scenes were enough to become an icon, “conquering a young audience with the image of her running along the beach in slow motion, with a very light colored mesh, in a nude tone, and the tanned skin. What characterized her, in addition to her beauty, was the original hairstyle that was imposed from that moment on. It was about very fine braids, which took all of her hair. ” Rita Marquez. https://viapais.com.ar/

“So his character from Jenny Miles, a dream and ideal of feminine beauty, not only drove the troubled protagonist of “10, the perfect woman” crazy, the composer George Webber (Dudley Moore), willing to leave everything to follow her, despite knowing that she was on her honeymoon, to the Mexican beaches of Manzanillo, but also to millions of spectators, men and women, from all over the world ”. Carles Rull. https://www.20minutos.es/cinemania/. Of course, no less attractive is the nude scene in bed with the “Ravel’s bolero”Playing, over and over, in the background.

4) From “The glow”, adaptation of the eponymous novel by Stephen King, directed by Stanley Kubrick in 1980, how to forget the insane face of Jack Nicholson (in the role of Jack Torrance) chasing his wife Wendy (played by Shelley Duvall), down the stairs and hallways of Hotel Overlook, located in the mountains of Colorado, and later making a hole with an ax in a bathroom door, where it has taken refuge.

Right away, Nicholson, pokes his head out of the hole and says, ‘¡Here is jack! ”, While Wendy screams in terror, and wounds him with a knife as Jack reaches in to unlock the latch. 5) “E.T.”, Directed by Steven Spielberg in 1982. One of its most exciting scenes is the one in which Elliott (Henry Thomas) flies with ET on a bike with the moon in the background while playing the famous John Williams soundtrack. Iconic scene that has even become the logo of Amblin Entertainment, the producer of the famous director.

Woman in red movie

6)Woman in red”, directed by Gene Wilder in 1984, is a remake of the French film “An Elephant Is Greatly Wrong”, directed in 1976 by Yves Robert. If there is something to highlight in this minor comedy, it is the scene that stars Charlotte (Kelly Le Brock), whose red dress is lifted by a blast of air that comes from a smoke outlet on the floor of the parking lot of the building where she will work. as a model, showing a heart-stopping undergarment of the same color.

Scene that made her one of the sex symbols of the 80s, shot in the best of memories of a sequence starring Marilyn Monroe, in the Billy Wilder film, “Temptation lives above”(1955). In this film, to combat the summer heat in New York, Marilyn pauses on a grid of the Lexington subway, “enjoying the wind that comes from the subsoil and lifts her frilly, snowy white dress with a pronounced neckline. halter, a piece that highlighted the curves of the actress thanks to its tight waist, and that was auctioned for more than 4.6 million dollars ”. Elena M. Medina. https://fashion.hola.com/

Charlotte’s costume design in “Woman in red“It is the work of Ruth Myers, who I create” for Kelly LeBrock a flowing boat neck dress that exposed the actress’s shoulders and that, flowing at the bottom, was designed to suggest what was underneath …

Le Brock also wore court shoes and an equally crimson clutch. ” Rachel Pelaez. https://smoda.elpais.com/ A sex bomb! Wherever it is seen. 7)Karate Kid”, directed by John G. Avildsen in 1984, has the best of the film in the final combat. This is the scene that will decide the champion of the karate tournament. A duel between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), and his enemy Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), whom he manages to defeat by applying the crane technique, which consists of supporting yourself with one leg, raising your arms and delivering a spectacular kick in the face to the opponent in front of us.

8)Dirty Dancing”, directed by Emile Ardolino in 1987. To highlight the final scene in which Frances Houseman (Jennifer Gray) and Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze), dance to the rhythm of that catchy melody, (I’ve Had) “The Time Of My Life”By Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes.