July 26, 2021

the story of the only Argentine who beat Superman

His real name was Antonino Pius Biasetton and was born in Treviso, in the north of Italy, in 1921, and his incredible strength has always attracted a lot of attention. Without being too tall (average 1.80 meters) he carried the half cattle very easily on his back.


In 1941 in a club located in Ovidio Lagos Y San Lorenzo, from Rosario, Antonino Rocca got in the ring for the first time. In five minutes he knocked out Abie Coleman, whom they called “The Hebrew Hercules.”

A Pole named Stanislaus Zbyszko, who had come to Rosario in search of new talents and knew the world of wrestling, took him to the United States and changed his name to Antonino Rocca.

Antonino Rocca, a legend of wrestling

For 1 year he trained in Texas where he learned all about a sport that he had never done before. His muscle and agility amazed everyone and he quickly became known for his way of fighting. After going back and forth in fights in Rossuary, Buenos Aires and Canada, finally stayed in USA where he fought regularly in the Madison Square Garden and became a star of wrestling.


Rocca he was the first to fight “in the air” and his dynamism made him a show that everyone wanted to see. His leg grabs, flying kicks, cartwheels and other movements in the air dazzled the audience, who had never seen anything like it.

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Antonino Rocca against Superman

Antonino Rocca became the first and only Argentine to face Superman in 1962. He starred in number 155 of the Man of Steel comic where he first fought and defeated the superman, and then fought together against the criminal.


The end of his career

After retiring he was a wrestling coach and also a television commentator. Already mature, his face bore a strong resemblance to Tony Bennet and with Anthony Quinn. He died young, at 56 years, as a result of an infection. Since 1995 it’s in the Living room of fame from World Wrestling Entertainment and in 1996 it was included in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame.


He was a superstar in the United States, when Martín Karadagián began his career in the Luna Park.