July 28, 2021

The “volador” caresses the title – VAVEL Argentina

Last night a new day of Formula 1 Xbox One took place in the Liga Sport Argentina, with Series 1 racing at the mythical Silverstone circuit, home of the British Grand Prix.

It was victory for José Antonio Soria (BOL) alias SCR Pelusa from end to end, with Racing Point of Stingray Club Racing. Escorted by Joaquín Romero alias KlausARG from Deportivo Morón (Alfa Romeo) in the second location and Pablo Gallardo alias Galloricota (ARG) with Mclaren.

photo: https://www.instagram.com/jose_a_soria

GP Silverstone

Although the night at Silverstone had started off clean, with a very smooth start, it would not last long. Since facing the next lap there is a collision of vehicles after W Hawk9 and Juampi (Red Bull and Renault) were involved in a friction that hurt several drivers.

From there, the show was divided into the different platoons that had been formed … Upstairs we had Federico and Matías ‘Ferraris fighting for fourth place with a direct rival for the constructors’ title, Juan’s Alfa Romeo … Further down was the fight for seventh place between five different Scuderias, in the background W Hawk9 and Blondie looking to regain ground lost at the start.

The day continued its course, reaching the middle of the race, most of them already with some sanctions, they put their strategies on the tables with the pit stops.
With everyone having stopped once, the race begins to show the final results, as facing the last laps the battles had been neutralized.

Finally, without many moves, Pelusa would take the victory comfortably, after taking an advantage of almost 10 seconds from Klaus and more than 20 from the third … Joaquín, despite bringing a slight penalty, finished second, stretching the definition of the championship one more date … Pablo after staying firm at the top would end up closing his first podium in the league.

Federico Mileta and Juan (fedevikingo and JjuanL) finished fourth and fifth respectively with Ferrari and Alfa Romeo … both adding gold points in the fight for the constructors’ title.

photo: https://www.instagram.com/ligasportargentina

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