July 29, 2021

Chuck Berry classic Johnny B. Goode turns six decades rocking the world

The famous theme of the American musician was born in 1958 and became the anthem of several generations. Photo: Taken from Infobae

Johnny was a peasant who couldn’t read or write well, but he knew only one thing: he wanted to play guitar all day. And that people fall in love with his voice, of course. A simple story sung from the depths of the bowels and with an overwhelming rhythm was here to stay in 1958. The father of the child? Chuck Berry, a black and misbehaved demigod who was inspiration from The Beatles Y The Rolling Stones, passing by Judas Priest Y Green Day, among many other musicians on planet Earth.

Charles Edward Anderson Berry was born in the United States, more precisely in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1926. Although he came from a family from class media that did not make him go through necessities, before fulfilling the coming of age the rebellious Chuck had already spent a couple of years in a reformatory for armed robbery. And that wasn’t going to be the last time he had trouble with the law: throughout his life Berry was
saw wrapped in scandals for messing with minors, evading taxes, and even putting cameras in the ladies’ room at a restaurant he owns. It is not worth delving into their bad habitsMaybe with Johnny B. Goode he has won heaven.

Hand in hand with the record label Chess, Chuck Berry arrived at white public. It is that the African American understood that he had to relegate the blues for a while to get into a more danceable rhythm. Yes Elvis was The King, Chuck was to be some kind of emperor. No one resisted their shows super energetic and at charisma of his crazy dance, including El paso del pato (The Duck Walk, in the original English) that years later would copy (in homage to Berry, no doubt) the Australian Angus Young. Yes, Chuck also influenced the music of AC/DC.


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Deep down in Louisiana near New OrleansOn the way back from the forest, among the dense trees, there was a cabin made of logs, wood and earth, where a country boy called Johnny B. Goode, who never learned to read or write very well, but who played the guitar as if it were ringing a bell.

The story it told Chuck Berry in Johnny B. Goode it looks a lot like the classic “kid’s dream.” And if you add a mother who predicts at the end “Someday you will be a man and you will be the leader of a great band”, the rock and roll ends up becoming the collective unconscious of a generation I wanted to shine

Or perhaps the centennials don’t they want to be stars of something too? Transcend, be famous, succeed and money is the desire of everything rockstar on the rise and Chuck Berry He more than succeeded. By the time Johnny B. Goode was published in 1958 in the form of single, the musician was already far from the farmer of the shack in the forest. By then I was sharing a band with Johnnie Johnson in the keyboards. “Johnnie, be nice,” Chuck would say to his roommate. band that tended to problems with the alcohol, and from there would come the chorus. They also say that the pianist lived on Goode Street, quite a game
of words. Although this Johnnie was the keys and not the strings, Chuck would have taken that advice to do it song.

Throughout his life, Berry recognized that the Johnny of the composition it was a bit him (the guitar was his thing), although he exaggerated “the povertyOf the character, since he was not a farmer without education (He even studied hairdressing in his youth). Another difference is that the boy in the song was from Louisiana, when he was a native of saint Louis. The musician also accepted that in order for the song to be suitable for all audiences -and for
suggestion of the record company– He modified the lyrics that he himself had written in the beginning. Where he said “That little colored boy could play” he preferred to sing “That little peasant could play.” Nothing of colors, nothing of racism.

As a symbol In the 1950s, Johnny B. Goode was re-received from classic in 1985. Although in ‘Back to the Future‘The DeLorean had taken them to 1955, so there were a few years before that rock and roll become classic. In the graduation party where his parents were going to meet, Marty McFly (played by actor Michael Fox) who had traveled to the past, goes up to play with a band and they interpret the until that moment (according to the timeline of the movie) unknown topic.