August 6, 2021

Coldplay used the tallest tower in the world to promote their new song

Coldplay released the jaw-dropping intergalactic video for their recent single, “Higher Power.” The clip is available from this Wednesday on YouTube and in just two days it exceeded three million views.

The British band is promoting their new single from the next album and together with the Arab music platform, called Anghami, they performed a staging in the tallest building on the planet.

With a play on words and ideas (the highest power in the highest place), they fused their new theme with the iconic Dubai building. The song talks about reaching the highest level to give the best of themselves, despite the internal struggles that everyone may face.

The Burj Khalifa, in Dubai, is not only the tallest building in the world, at 828 meters. Several brands stand out in its history:

  • The building with the most floors: 166
  • Tallest building fully occupied
  • The building with the highest terraces (floors 124 and 148)
  • The building with the highest pool (floor 76)
  • The building with the highest restaurant (floor 122)
  • The building that casts the longest shadow (2,467 meters)

The huge screen requires 72 kilometers of cabling and 10,000 connectors to cover a total area of ​​33,000 square meters.

The enumeration could continue for several more lines (elevators: 57; weight: 500,000 tons; 39,000 tons of steel, etc.). It seems that the owners of this building designed by skyscraper specialist Skidmore, Owings and Merril, want this mega structure to continue to amaze the world.

Under this premise, for example, it was decided to install an LED lighting system in the building capable of functioning as if it were a giant screen.

Due to its dimensions and characteristics, it could well be called the largest LED screen in the world, although in reality it is not a screen but a complex network of 3D LEDs.