July 26, 2021

Green Day in 26 minutes: a return without brakes and at high speed

Green Day does not give up. Converted into classics of the punk pop that broke out since the 90s, and with a generational leap that has allowed them to declare validity in the new century, the band today presented their new album, with an eloquent and direct title: Father of all motherfuckers, thirteenth album of the set and the first after Revolution radio (2016). And although they do not show the aggressiveness of their early works – they all change and age, even the Green Day ones -, they do retain their essence and the roots that have characterized them for almost three decades.

In addition, they follow the punk dogma of saying a lot in a short time and at high speed: the ten songs have a total duration of 26 minutes, which makes this work the shortest of their entire discography. Despite being brief, the contagious sound that characterizes them is also mixed with rock and roll, soul and even glam. In this capacity for synthesis there is also variety.

The frontman of the group, Billie Joe Armstrong, commented precisely to the American magazine GQ about the duration of this installment that “why should this album be longer? There are two-minute songs that can be heavy; we flee from that. The duration of the songs is adapted to the message we want to send “. In addition, he added that “this is a very direct album, very primitive, very luminous. In half an hour we can transmit all that; somehow, we have returned to our origins, to the sound we liked when we started playing.”

And although they continue to maintain a critical and sharp focus in their lyrics, this time the darts against the politics of their country – Bush at the beginning of the millennium, Donald Trump in his later years – seem to have been left behind in this project. Here lyrics are present that have more to do with another spirit, with “celebrating the life and death of the holidays, and maintaining a style that you don’t give a shit about everything,” according to the band on its official Instagram.

Regarding the videos in the album Father of all motherfucker, the group has added one more to the singles Father of all… Y Oh yeah!, since today the promotional of Meet me on the roof, where you can see the young actor of Stranger things, Gaten Matarazzo, starring in a Green Day live show.

The Californian trio will also be on tour worldwide this year, as they will be performing on the Hella Mega Tour, where they will share the stage with Fall Out Boy and Weezer. This event will begin on June 13 and will end on November 22 (all dates can be viewed at www.greenday.com).