August 2, 2021

The anecdotes left by the 2021 Elections »DUPLOS

The long day, boredom and lack of turnout were some of the things that most complained about table vowels. However, several knew how to turn their civic duty.

Vowels playing ping-pong

With a mesa de ping-pong improvised, two vowels played in the San Francisco del Alba School in Las Condes.

Given the low turnout, they preferred to play a friendly before the cameras of Channel 13.

Ping Pong table vocals
Ping Pong table vocals

The roast of the vowels

The scene took place inside the Higher Institute of Commerce in the commune of Santiago. One of the protagonists explained that after the last elections, a relationship of friendship was generated between those who make up the table. For the same, they celebrated with a barbecue.

In front of the cameras and taking advantage of the low attendance of the premises, one of the grillmen showed what the feast would be like: “Choripán and pork.”

But that’s not all, the vocals came well equipped, since the grill “It’s electric.”

The man explained that the roast will be for “Celebrate the party of democracy and in my family, parties are always celebrated with a grill.”

Leo King sleepy

Leo King He also managed to establish a friendship with his table companions. So much so that they even have a WhatsApp group.

“My partner, the president, dialed me in the morning to wake me up to come to do my duty “, revealed for Chilevision between the laughter of those present.

The young woman also related that the former vocalist of the group La Noche, spoke to him the day before to ask him about his participation: “Yesterday he spoke to me and said: Are you going to go, friend? Yes, yes ”.

Leo King He continued joking about the relationship that the table members have: “We baptized ourselves as the vocalists, instead of table vowels. My compadre here is already learning to do the choirs and she (the president of the table) is going to be my representative, so we are super good ”.

The vocal pianist

Another musical moment was lived in a polling station. Pilar, president of the 92M table in Ñuñoa, surprised playing songs of Los Jaivas, 31 Minutes, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead on a piano

The literature teacher He took advantage of the fact that his table was located in the music room and he played the piano that was in the establishment.