August 1, 2021

The controversial musician who turned down drugs from Bon Scott (AC / DC), Jimi Hendrix and Keith Moon (The Who)

February 14, 2021 4:05 pm
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You have to show an iron will – or be very clear about things – to have rejected an invitation from legends like Bon Scott (who was a singer of AC/DC), Jimi Hendrix Y Keith Moon (deceased battery The Who), although what they offered was not recommended in any case. And it is that these three musicians offered drugs to Ted nuggent at different times in his artistic career.

The controversial American artist made the following statements during a Facebook Live broadcast in the company of his son, Rocco. When asked about his musical influences, Ted broke the theory of his son, who argued that Nuggent was only inspired by artists who did not use drugs: Keith Richards (ed: guitarist of The Rolling Stones) it’s one of the most powerful influences in my life, and if that’s the mirror, I’ve failed miserably. It’s a walking chemical dump. It is always high. But it is very deep. He was going to use the word “spiritual” … I don’t know, that’s his thing. He is so passionate and authoritative in his musicality… “.

Despite breaking a spear in favor of Keith, an antithesis of what Nugent can represent, he later commented on how he rejected substances from Scott, Hendrix and Moon: “The point is that, luckily, I was able to differentiate between the distribution of things that I admired and the occasional ones and, most of the time, the behavior of those that I admired. Jimi Hendrix offered me his drugs and I said no. John Belushi (editor’s note: The Blues Brothers) offered me his drugs and I said no. Keith Moon offered me his drugs and his alcohol, and I said no. Bon Scott offered me his drugs and his alcohol, and I said no. I said no to everyone “.


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