July 28, 2021

The Kinks return with a live broadcast of “Moneygoround”

Last Saturday, British rock band, The Kinks announced a live broadcast concert, it is nothing more and nothing less than “The Moneygoround”, which bears the same name as their album “Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One”, celebrating 50 years of their debut.

But this audiovisual production will be more similar to a play, and will have the participation of Ben Norris in the lead role.

The work is titled «The Moneygoround: A One Man Show for One Night Only», adapted for his eighth album from 1970.

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Ray Davies told the British media about his live broadcast “The Moneygoround” is a one-man show that documents a character who faces the challenging circumstances of making an album under extreme pressure ”.


“The Moneygoround”, more than a live broadcast, a musical theater play

Within the anniversary celebrations, the leader of «The Kinks», Ray Davies has been working with playwright Paul Sirett on the 45-minute play.

It is based on the themes and lyrics of the album, with the poet and actor Ben Norris in the central role.

In a statement to NME, Davies explained about the commissioning that “This work, similar to a psychodrama, (…) He faces the dark forces around him after falling into an emotional and financial “hole” and is finally saved by a song after trusting his friend. Lola «.

If you did not know the legendary The Kinks, this could be an entertaining and different way to immerse yourself in the world of rock of the British band.

Authors of legendary hits like «You Really Got Me», «Lola», «Strangers», «Waterloo Sunset», entre otras!

When: January 29, 8 pm GMT / 3 pm EST