July 24, 2021

AC / DC: This is how Angus Young reacted to hearing Jimi Hendrix for the first time

June 14, 2021 12:12 pm
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To be one of the greatest icons and masters of rock in history, as is the case with Angus Young, guitarist of AC/DC, It is no excuse for not having references, influences and admired idols that guided your path towards the six strings. This was recently reported by the legendary rock schoolboy in an interview with Guitar Podcaster.

During the talk, the veteran guitar hero recalled the experience of listening to Jimi Hendrix for the first time: “I did play the guitar a little bit, but I really focused on that in the early teenage years, when I was about 12 years old, I started to focus more on that. And when I was 13 or 14, that’s when Jimi Hendrix appeared on the horizon. When i first heard “Purple Haze” I was totally captivated: “How are you doing?” I was so impressed with that. Also, Malcolm, my brother, there were some shows that we had also seen, we had both gone together, and we had seen people like The Yardbirds, who had come to Australia. At that time, the formation had just changed. I think originally they used to have Jeff Beck. But then when we saw them, they didn’t have Jeff Beck … they had Jimmy Page to the guitar. So that was good, because at that moment, that kind of sound, especially on guitar, catches your eye. So it was really good. But then when Hendrix came in, I said, “Woah! This is another level of guitar ”. So I was a huge fan ”.

Angus continues to remember those beginnings of the young man who began his path in rock, although he not only looked at rock and roll, for which his family, with Malcolm Young in the lead, it was very important: “I wasn’t really good at grades. People could listen to a song and catch the notes. I used to say to Malcolm, “Take your notes and then show me.” And he did. Malcolm could take notes on anything I wanted to know, and then he would just show it to me and I could play it like he taught me. But I had a lot of styles. From other family members who played, you could get a little bit of Chuck Berry, a bit of blues and some folk tunes. So I had a bit of a variety of different things, even some of the early traditional jazz songs. My sister, she always got me different records and stuff, because she knew we were interested in doing something. They weren’t such guitar things. I listened to Louis Armstrong play the trumpet, do a solo, and say, “I like those notes,” and learn the notes … So I had a lot of variety. When I look at all the musicians I admire, there are many… You can go from A to Z, there are many musicians ”.


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