July 29, 2021

Beach Review 4: Dog Time

How cool when you find groups that break all the schemes that you had made after listening to their first song. Or even from the cover, ending with a stroke of the pen with the prejudices that you could have formed. That has happened to me with Playa 4, a group straddling Asturias and Madrid that has surprised me with every song that sounded through my speakers.

The front and back covers are already worthy of study, with a message behind them that undoubtedly already begins to give us a clue of what we are going to find in the new songs that make up his first work, ‘Tiempo de perros’. And it is that, although rock is the predominant note, his music has something more, that which is sometimes difficult to define and that is better to enjoy.

It is worth that the songs with forceful rhythms like “El viaje” are going to be the majority, either in this first one with a machacón rhythm, or with the frenzy that “Noa” is, where your feet go away. Or even looking for the melody in “You’ve screwed it all up.” But not only do they stay there, surprising with ska rhythms in the dance “Thousand Nine”, or with the more aggressive base and deep voice of “El faro”.

But they also experiment with their sound, even approaching grunge in a darker rock like “Anxiety”, and managing to give that feeling that the title describes. Or with a more alternative roll in “La noche de las perseidas”, especially in the guitar solo.

Facing the end, they leave us their funny side with “Freeway”, a version full of humor of “Rockin ‘In The Free World”, by Neil Young, although with a good dose of criticism. And they say goodbye with “We will be free again”, a quiet start with drums and bass, to which acoustic guitar is added, until it breaks into a very guitar-like sound explosion, ending with great force and a touch of hope. And, as a bonus, they leave us the acoustic version of “Noa”, where they show us the skeleton of the song.

Borja Diaz
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