July 28, 2021

Blondie will premiere new documentary about her time in Cuba

A Blondie’s new feature documentary to debut at Sheffield Doc Fest of this year. Titled Blondie: Living in Havana , the movie follows Debbie Harry and the rest of the legendary band on a trip to Cuba, exploring the exchange and politics between New York and Havana, and the influence of Cuban musicians.

Blondie was invited to Havana, Cuba, in 2019, where they performed and collaborated with local musicians as part of a cultural exchange program. The trip apparently fulfilled a decades-long dream of the band, particularly founding member and guitarist Chris Stein., who had wanted to visit for 40 years.

To expect from Blondie: Living in Havana?

Described as a “dreamlike” portrait of the new wave group’s first experience in Havana, the documentary includes narration by Harry, Stein and drummer Clem Burke. Shot on 16mm and 8mm film, it also shows performances with Cuban musicians, capturing the “magical exchange between musicians from the two cities that each calls home and its intertwined influence ”.

Blondie: Living in Havana was originally conceived as a short film by the director Rob Roth, but it has since been made into a feature film. A longtime Harry collaborator, Roth has previously worked on the punk icon’s 2019 memoir Face It .

Blondie: Living in Havana will premiere in Sheffield Doc Fest June 4-13. It will also be screened at the New Tork Tribeca Festival, which will take place from June 9-20.

The Sheffield Doc Fest will also present singer Charli XCX’s latest audiovisual project , a quarantine documentary, titled Alone Together, which narrates the recording of his album how i’m feeling now during the coronavirus pandemic.