July 25, 2021

Damn Peaky Blinders – Ramona

Thomas, Arthur and John are the three Shelby brothers who head Birmingham’s street gangster gang – the bloody Peaky Blinders. A series that has become a phenomenon that maintains excellence. Three weeks ago the sixth season was finished shooting and until the end of the year it will be available on the Netflix platform.

Its creator Steven Knight gave life to this masterpiece in 2013 on the BBC, a story that is set in the United Kingdom between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, with a dark but very intense and bright aura. Knight confessed that he was inspired by the true story of the gangster gang: Peaky Blinders, who spread terror in the 1890s and beyond.

In the Shelby brothers’ adventures, they are constantly encountered with gambling, robberies, bar fights, politics, there are intriguing subplots, strange alliances, organized crime, ambushes, and unexpected revenge. Something that never fails in the plot of the Peaky Blinders is the elegance with which they get our blood to splatter.

As the series’ story progresses, and in particular the protagonist Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy who performs a titanic performance) you constantly wonder if this character is cunning, cynical or even a sociopath who manipulates everyone, even his family, or he is simply someone who wants to progress for the better with his entire clan of gypsies. “It’s your intelligence that will kill you,” Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory, who sadly passed away in April after a hard fight against cancer) repeatedly tells him. The leader of the Peaky Blinders, Thomas Shelby, in all the transformation of his economic-social progress, brings with him increasingly strong enemies such as the Changrettas, an Italian-American mafia family led by Luca, a sober (Adrien Brody), with the only obsession to perform the famous vendetta.

Arthur is the older brother, he is a sadistic, cruel and protective type of Tommy. John is the younger brother, and is quite suspicious of Tommy’s plans. Each and every one of the supporting actors displays a masterful and interpretive talent as they adapt like a glove to that era of the early nineteenth century.

From the first moment you admire the series, you can see the impeccable detail that permeates the production and costume design, it has settings so delicious and spectacular that they make you witness the architectural structures of the city of Birmingham, in addition to the accompanying song in each intro of the chapters: “Red Right Hand” by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, with that background sound of a cigarette lighting up, and to the sound of the band’s melody, the Peaky Blinders walking towards the camera, with a general shot that it is really spectacular and powerful.

There are five seasons with a standard duration that does not exceed one hour of footage. Peaky Blinders offers quality in every corner of his script. Each season, without going into any kind of spoiler, has a different antagonist played by a different actor.

If you are looking for a series of gangsters and mafia, the indicated ones are the bloody Peaky Blinders. It is a gem from start to finish. From the story and production, to the cinematographic technique and the characters. Probably the first two episodes of the first season seem heavy and somewhat long, but no, what it shows you is an introduction to the historical-social context that Great Britain was going through in those years, however as the plot progresses you get hooked and you want to continue watching the next chapter.

By order of the bloody Peaky Blinders, I recommend you watch this series.

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