July 31, 2021

DEVO launches coronavirus masks inspired by its energy domes

// By: Staff

Mon May 18, 2020

By: César A. Corro

As the weeks have passed after the onset of the pandemic, face coverings have become popular either as protective items or as fashion products. This is the case of the new wave band DEVO, who have just introduced custom face shields made in the style of their iconic energy domes.

With this attractive design, you will not only protect yourself from airborne particles when leaving the house, but you will also celebrate the 40th anniversary of DEVO’s world-famous headgear. The news was released alongside the PPE kit webstore listing, DEVO’s Gerard Casale reflected on the importance of his Power Domes.

It’s the 40th anniversary of DEVO’s Energy Dome, a band icon that is often as misunderstood as the band itself. Although they have been mistaken for flower pots, dog bowls, car urinals, lampshades, and ultimately relegated specifically for use at Christmas parties, these sacred totems were actually designed with a more important purpose in mind.”.

Notably, this red component or piece was designed according to the ancient ziggurat mound proportions used in votive worship in ancient Mesopotamia. Like mounds, it collects energy and recirculates it in interesting ways.

In this case, the Dome collects energy that escapes from the crown of the human head and pushes it towards the brain stem to increase mental energy, according to descriptions made on the page of these attractive articles.

It is very important to mention that you must purchase a plastic helmet liner adjusted to the size of your head and that you fix it with adhesive tape or super glue to the inside of the landfill. This allows the Dome to float almost above the skull and thus do its job. Unfortunately without a helmet, energy re-circulation will not occur!

The price of the domes starts at 50 dollars (about 1100 Mexican pesos approximately) and you can buy them by accessing the link, many fans of the group consider that this article will become an invaluable collector’s item in a couple of years.