July 31, 2021

Green Day, the last band to cancel their ‘shows’ due to the coronavirus

The entire planet is on alert for the coronavirus, even canceling major events such as the Mobile World Congress, the filming of Mission Impossiblee 7 and even forcing the first measures to be taken in some Royal Houses, such as the Swedish one. Within this panorama, the world of music was not going to be less and the first cancellations of great concerts have already arrived. The long awaited rockers Green Day have been the last to communicate the bad news for their fans Asians, as their scheduled dates on the mainland will be postponed. But, they are not the only ones who have decided to prevent before the growing alert. Avril Lavigne, The National o la banda surcoreana BTS, are some of the most prominent names that have suffered, indirectly, the coronavirus.


“We have made the difficult decision to postpone our upcoming concerts in Asia because of the coronavirus, due to our concern for travel health. (…) Save your tickets because we will announce the new dates soon “, this is how the Americans announced Green Day the cancellation of their concerts on the eastern continent. There, Billie Joe Armstrong’s band had planned a total of eight concerts around Singapore, Bangkok , Manila, Taipei, Hong Kong, Seoul, Osaka and Tokyo to present their latest album at the tour Hella Mega. News before which the fans They have been most understanding, putting health first and applauding the decision in its vast majority.

A tour in which, in addition, they had the presence of two other groups: Weezer and Fall Out Boy. On the other hand, although they did not plan any stop in Spain, they do continue with the rest of the European confirmations, including Italy, considered one of the biggest sources of the virus in our continent.

This same measure is the one taken by the Canadian Avril Lavigne. The singer will begin her tour next April Sk8er Boi, but unfortunately, his followers in the land of the rising sun will have to wait for the situation to improve in terms of public health to enjoy his live. The affected cities are Shanghai, Manila, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Taipei, some of the places where the alert has reached the greatest severity. Even if the tour this artist will not be enjoyed in Switzerland either, country where the government has imposed as a measure the suspension of events with more than a thousand people in the same venue. Ads before which, fans They have been very affected, since they have not enjoyed an Avril Lavigne live for nine years.


Cancellations that only respond to public health purposes, beyond styles or type of show. So much that, the United States National Symphony Orchestra, also suspended its tour with which they were going to perform for ten nights in China and four in Japan.

One of the cancellations that has caused the most tears has been that of the band BTS. The boy band most popular K-Pop genre internationally has been forced to suspend the start of his world tour in Seoul, capital of South Korea and its place of origin where they had closed a total of four concerts. Instead, the presentation of his latest album Map of the Soul: 7 It will start in the United States on April 25. It is true that the band, well aware of the magnitude that the coronavirus has reached in Asia, had already taken preventive measures in this regard, such as restricting access to its events only to the press, greatly regretting it before the innumerable legion of fans they have in the South Korean country. For the moment, they maintain the rest of the dates planned internationally, including Spain.

In addition to this, Suga, one of the members of BTS, has donated a high amount of money to Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association, in order to help financially all those who have been affected by the outbreak of the disease in the band’s hometown.


Although other formations such as The National, New Order or Foals have also canceled their dates in Japan, it is undoubtedly K-Pop or Korean pop the genre that is most affected by the coronavirus. So much so that the Korea Times Music Festival, one of the largest international events of this style of music held for eight years in Los Angeles, has been postponed indefinitely this 2020.

A health alert that, without a doubt, is hitting the world of culture and the arts from all its perspectives and whose effects are already estimated in monetary losses of around 273 million euros in Asia. A figure resulting from all cancellations of shows musicals, closures of theme parks and museums and, especially, the cancellation of events in the world of cinema, among which the suspension of the premiere act of the live action from Mulán, which aroused great interest among the Chinese community.

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