August 3, 2021

Jessy Díaz: «Singing inspires me»

“Since I was 6 years old, singing has always been my passion, what has inspired me. I feel full and the sensations I experience are unmatched. Words, music and interpretation feed the spirit », confesses the Cuban singer Jessy Díaz, from Atlanta, United States.

Although he studied percussion and musicology, the definitive leap towards singing took place a short time ago.

«Since I lived in Miami I sang as a soloist, but the repertoire I played was not really what I wanted. The interests were not focused on an exquisite selection, rather, it responded to the demands of the market ”, he tells us.

“Living from music is difficult, but not impossible”

At the beginning of this fateful 2020, Jessy Díaz decided to record her first single in English and began to meet with various musicians who took her project seriously. He recognizes that living from music is difficult, not impossible, and meeting to rehearse under current conditions is almost a utopia, but it is achieved.

“I have made very good friends who have given themselves completely to my music, they share my dreams, and that motivates me to continue, to grow musically,” he says.

Currently, the Matanzas woman is studying a master’s degree in Jazz Studies at Georgia State University, concentrating on singing, “a spiritual need, a debt she owed to herself,” she reveals. Since he arrived in the capital of that state, he divides his little time between university, work with his students and his career as a singer.

He is very grateful to his manager Luis Mendoza, CEO of Montuno Productions, an artist agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area; to his mother Somaly Aldazábal (audiovisual promotion); Anaday Díaz, Giselle Garriga and Arianna Domínguez (Video, Photography and Technology); the musicologist Yentsy Rangel (promotion and advice), among others.

«I feel like I know myself better, I listen to all kinds of music. When I finish school I want to focus on promoting my solo career, learn more about American jazz, Cuban and Latin American music, and incorporate all of that into my performance. “

“My tastes have changed”

Follower of the exquisite Carmen McRae and Shirley Horn, Mel torme, Dinah Washington, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day, the Cuban Elena Burke or the Brazilian Chico Buarque, among others, Jessy tries to listen to something new every day.

It’s the music I’ve always loved. My tastes have changed a lot: contact with diverse artists has made me understand this language even more. I love talking with people who are knowledgeable about Latin American music and I listen to their suggestions. In particular, the dialogue with composers is very interesting, because they evaluate the voice as one more instrument and the peculiarities of the singer. All of this nourishes me when choosing a new song, “he says.

Jazz festivals are Jessy Díaz’s goal, focused on national and international tours, recording with Cuban musicians and musicians from different latitudes.

“Jazz offers a lot of possibilities, there is so much to learn! Any experience will be very profitable,” he concludes.