August 3, 2021

Julio Iglesias participates in the tribute to Vicente Tarazona, one of the most internationally recognized musicians of Paiporta

The gardens of the Museu de la Rajoleria hosted the particular tribute of Paiporta to Vicente Tarazona, one of its most recognized and international musicians, who died a few months ago in Miami.

The event, led by the journalist and personal friend of Tarazona, Miguel Angel Pastor, was attended by a good part of his family, part of them displaced directly from Miami, as well as representation from the municipal corporation.

One of the most emotional moments that caused the greatest surprise among the public was the audio message that the singer sent to the town of Paiporta and to the family. Julio Iglesias, with whom Tarazona shared a career and stage accompanying him on bass for a good part of his career. Among the words he dedicated to him, Julio Iglesias thanked Paiporta for the tribute he paid to “a great musician and an exceptional person.”

Julio Iglesias and his new tour

The singer stated that he felt a great appreciation for Vicente Tarazona and confirmed that before passing away he proposed to the Paiportino bassist to work with him again on an international tour. “He loved Paiporta and his Valencian land very much. He was a Valencian who went around the world bragging about being one. Paiporta was his place ”.

The mayor, Isabel MartinHe explained that “he was a man with roots, who left the town to find his life, to pursue his dream, and that he achieved it.” Martín defined Tarazona as “a good, sensitive, dreamer and artist man, who carried the name of Paiporta all over the world”.

In her speech, the Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture, Maribel AlbalatHe had some loving words of support for the family, highlighting “the admiration that everyone feels for him as a musician. Paiporta was his town and he carried his name to the rest of the world. We are very grateful to him ”.

His nephew and also a musician, Jose Vicente Solera, went up on stage with the rest of the cousins ​​and also dedicated a few emotional words of memory.

Tribute concert on July 24

Then the group Inertia Reserve and the group Fire they performed a couple of songs to commemorate the musical trajectory of the paiportino bassist. Finally, the Primitive Band He also made his contribution to this tribute with a trumpet duo, an instrument with which Vicente Tarazona began his musical training in this musical association.

The tribute was held with a reduced and limited capacity, to comply with all the measures and guarantees of the anticovid regulations. It is planned to hold a Tribute concert on July 24, free entry and open to the public, where the population of Paiportina can enjoy a pop-rock concert of music from the 60s and 70s and also participate in this tribute to Vicente Tarazona.

He worked with Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, …

Vicente Tarazona’s long professional career has led him to share the stage as a bass player not only with Julio Iglesias, but with other greats of music such as Frank Sinatra, Willy Nelson or Diana Ross.