July 31, 2021

Lino Sullivan: “I’m exploring new things, that go against the current of other genres”

The Mexican artist creates his music with a concept called celestial, which comes from all the influences he had during high school and deepened in a pandemic.

Mario Alfredo de la Cruz Meléndez, better known as Lino Sullivan, is a soloist from the Comarca Lagunera who took his first musical steps during high school. There he discovered different bands that were emerging such as: Mac DeMarco, Tame Impala, Artic Monkeys, Empire of sun and León Larregui, among others. Listening to them at that age was an inspiration for him.

When he decided to release his first EP, he wanted to leave it as he recorded it, since it was a photograph of who he was at that time. He named it “Framenti di Linquinzia” and uploaded it to YouTube. Today, it remains the most viewed video on his channel and the kickoff of his music career. In a chat with Rock.com.ar he reviewed his beginnings and delved into the singles that he will sing during the live sessions of Maia Records.

What are Lino Sullivan’s heavenly roots?

I am a Catholic, but I turn to a more spiritual side where giving is the main thing. I feel that all of this affects our lives for the better and I want it embodied in music. In addition to the Renaissance ideas that represent the divinity, I do not leave aside the references to music that have marked my path. I do it with a deep love for it because it represents a very important part. However, I decide to capture my musical perspective and my sonic fantasies.

Where did you record these singles that you will present on Maia Records?

The singles were mainly made up with the help of Potro Records, where pre-production, production, and mixing work was done. “Sabor Holland” and “Existes” were recorded there and on Maia Records. It throws the concept of a celestial apology collection and that is where I intervened with a semi-aquatic painting, although soon we could carry it out with full band.

What was the sound and lyrical search?

The main thing was to be able to capture something new with my already defined style, from the vocal to the harmonic. I have many pieces of the puzzle that remain to be seen. They have only heard part of the complete work and now I am exploring new things that go against the current of other genres. It is not a problem, since I do not pretend to be a fashionable musician. What I want to achieve is something timeless, that even my grandchildren can listen to regardless of the time. More towards cult music.

When will the live sessions take place?

The next session will take place at the end of June, with the idea of ​​broadcasting via streaming to capture: “Existes” and “Sabor Holanda”. Possibly “Imperfectos” and “Celestial” are added to the side of a full set, since it is interesting to listen to the same songs in different formats and adding or removing instruments. It is likely that, by that time, it will reveal another unreleased song, so I recommend being aware of everything.

What does spirituality represent in your life and how does it manifest itself?

There are different things, my bedside book is The Kybalion. There are different laws that govern much of our lives and I recommend reading about the subject. I feel that today, as human beings, we should tip the balance to a more spiritual side. With this, we intend to live in peace and harmony with our loved ones and contribute good things to the world. Personally, I continue to work on it and it is not an easy thing, but the conviction is there and I will continue to exercise it because it is something that turned out very well for me.

Do you have an Argentine reference that catches your attention?

Of course I have several within my musical interests, Gustavo Cerati, Fito Páez, Diego Verdaguer, Abel Pintos, Andrés Calamaro, Bándalos Chinos, Luis Alberto Spinetta and, emerging, Facundo Grandio. I find it very interesting the way they compose and, above all, how they develop the genre to the point of creating very unique and impressive styles. The words are the most striking and some songs, as a metaphor, that make you think things that you did not imagine or ask you things that you do not usually think. That is why I consider them a very rich culture in its composition and high-level productions.

Did you have the opportunity to visit our country or do you plan to do so?

I am not yet able to do an international tour, but I am sure that when I do, Argentina will be one of the first countries that I will take into account. I love culture and I think it would be very special for my career.

What are the objectives for the remainder of 2021?

Specify some loose ends of my personal life and, musically, reach more people and refine my style more. I intend to produce everything in the capital, perhaps in a large label or with a renowned producer. That is why this year is important and I feel the solid foundations to be able to work my career on a firm footing and to become more professional in the industry.