July 28, 2021

Madonna wears a wrinkle-free face at 62

USA.- 62 years are the ones you already have Madonna, also known as the Queen of Pop, but age is just a number, because thanks to her diets and constant exercises she has managed to stay intact despite the passing of the years.

And to prove it, the American singer shared on Instagram a photograph in which you can see her face without any imperfection, unleashing madness among her loyal followers, although not everything is rosy for her.

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There were people who criticized her for allegedly damaging her face more and more with surgeries for the idea of ​​always wanting to look young, but it is known that the pop star does not care in the least.

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More than 200 thousand I like you, Madonna gathered in the publication in which she is seen wearing a black outfit consisting of shorts and sports top, styling with layering necklaces, a trend that is sweeping the world of fashion.

In recent weeks, the American singer of 62 years It has managed to impact everyone, it has even become a trend on social networks, since many consider that it is looking younger than ever, evidently due to some aesthetic arrangements for which it has chosen.

MadonnaDespite being on the sixth step of life, he has always remained very faithful to his style, because being one of the most famous pop star of all time, he seeks to stay current in the world of music.

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