August 1, 2021

Michael Jackson: relives on Twitter with the HISTORY that marks him as not guilty

An after sweet to After his death, the name Michael Jackson continues to be the subject of polemics and controversies related not only to his death, which continues to be questioned by his fans, who cannot believe that acute propofol and benzodiazapine intoxication were the real cause of his death. paro cardaco; but also by the series of child abuse allegations in which he was involved. The first time this happened was in 1993 And although no formal charges were filed, the case was settled out of court.

According to the Twitter user @fei_rock, the first accusation of Michael Jackson in 1993 was the result of the relationship that the singer had with the ChandlerExcept for Evan, the father of the two little boys that made up this family. Evan tried to get Michael to give him some economic benefits and, in the face of the singer’s refusals, he began to threaten him. The lord’s argument was that Michael had abused of his son, so he asked him 20 million dollars not to go to the police.

One more demand

In 2003, Michael Jackson was sued by Gavin Arvizo, a young man who belonged to a family dedicated to scamming other celebrities, social services, newspapers and the police, which is why the mother of the Arvizo was condemned. Gavin was manipulated by his mother to get money. Although all the witnesses made the same statements regarding these scammers, the Prosecutor falsified evidence how to send Gavin’s fingerprints for analysis after he touched them himself during interrogation.

After the trial, Michael was found not guilty on all charges thanks to the fact that there was never any evidence against him and that the family history was known to the witnesses, who favored the defense. Some time later the extortions and manipulations of the case by the people involved. The media also shared this information, but the singer never managed to recuperate.

The trial lasted just over 6 months. Photo: Twitter

Why is it trending?

A June 13, 200516 years ago, after a series of trials, Michael Jackson was declared not guilty of the charges against him regarding new accusations of child sexual abuse. The moment in which the jury declared him innocent of all charges was remembered by netizens who have believed in the innocence of Michael Jackson since then with the hashtag #MichaelJacksonInnocent.

However, for 2009 the documentary came to light “Leaving Neverland“, a production directed by Dan Reed that shows the testimonies of Wade Robson and James Safechuck, two men who claim that the singer abused them when they were children. This documentary caused arguments against the celebrity, but also in his favor, as the public managed to find more than 65 lies in the statements here portrayed.

Michael was acquitted of all charges in 2005. Photo: Twitter @Francisco_mjj