August 6, 2021

No King Cole, my Spanish: NPR

Not King Cole performed frequently in Latin America and recorded three albums in Spanish.


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Not King Cole performed frequently in Latin America and recorded three albums in Spanish.


From the 1940s to the mid-1960s, Nat King Cole was one of America’s most beloved and acclaimed singers. But his fans may not have been very aware of Groner’s Latin American tours, or the three Spanish recordings he released in the 1950s. Now, some Spanish-speaking musicians have created an album that pays tribute to the Colin’s Latino hits. Love It’s a collection of Colin’s Spanish standards, as well as some of his English hits translated into Spanish.

One of the artists, Isaac Delcado, grew up in Cuba.

“No King Cole is a myth, a symbol for my generation,” says Delcado. “When Cole came to Cuba, he fascinated everyone. He had an uncanny ability to make you realize that he sings especially for you. “

No Chediak, who produced the tribute album, admits: “Nobody in Latin has the self-respect that comes from the world of music who does not know the goal of King King.”

Beyond expectations

Cedic says they made an attempt to go beyond Collie’s three Spanish albums.

“We achieved a quality goal that he never achieved in Spanish,” says Cedic. “We wanted to extend it to the entire goal songbook.”

The album includes two duet songs by Delcado and Not King Cole’s brother, Freddie Cole. Freddie never sang with his brother, but did play the piano on some of his recordings. He says that at the time he was the personal manager of the country who helped create the original albums in Spanish.

“Carlos Castell is Latino,” says Freddie Cole. “They put this project together and it turned out to be one of the best sellers Nat has ever received.”

Delcado says he didn’t try to follow the goal in his performance.

“We don’t want to make a carbon copy of what has already been done,” says Delcado. “We wanted to be respectful, but at the same time do it our way.”

Delcado says that it is important to him that the songs sound original in Spanish.

“I am very happy that people respond, because if they know the song in English, there is no reference in Spanish. It’s very nice that they accept it, ”he says.