August 4, 2021

Rest in peace Pete Shelley, lead singer of Buzzcocks

Rest in peace Pete Shelley, lead singer of Buzzcocks

Today the world of punk is painted black. Pete Shelley, frontman, vocalist and co-founder of the legendary band Buzzcocks passed away at age 63. The guitarist and singer, died at his residence in Estonia, presumed to be due to cardiac arrest.

Peter Campbell McNeish It was his original name, and in life he stood out for being a great musician. His career began in 1974 and since then, he has not stopped being involved in the world of music. Next to Howard devotee, carried out the project The Buzzcocks, same that made their debut in ’76, in Manchester, as the opening band for Sex Pistols.

The origin of this band was of utmost importance. Belonging to the current of independent record labels, they managed to achieve incredible success with their combination of rock, punk, and pop, under their own label: New Hormones.

With hits like Ever Fallen in Love (With someone you shouldn’t’ve) O Everybodys happy nowadays / Why can´t I touch it? The band remained active and popular with a huge audience until its dissolution in 1981.

However, Shelley I already had a solo project. His solo path would spawn 6 albums over the years, the last of which was only released in 2016.

In the meantime, Buzzcocks it would have a history of ups and downs between reunions and separations. Even so, they were able to continue releasing materials, having a total of 11 albums in their repertoire. The most important of these is probably the penultimate, launched in 2006 under the name Flat-Pack Philosophy. This material would mark the most solid and important comeback of the band, not only in the studio, but also in different stages.

The Buzzcocks He had just performed in our country, stepping on the stages of the festival Marvin next to Gang of Four Y The Drums. Festival where, by the way, they totally broke it.

At this event, it was possible to see Pete and company with impressive energy. Almost as if the years hadn’t passed through them. The Buzzcocks he kept rock music alive, with a punk attitude and rhythms that would conquer anyone.

For all this, the loss of such a great musician takes us all by surprise. TO Steve He was always seen on stage as the one who was most in love with his audience and his own music.

We are very sorry for this terrible situation. From this earthly plane we send our best energies so that your soul rests with the rock gods.