July 29, 2021

The reconciliation of Fleetwood Mac invites to think about a possible reunion of the group | LOS40 Classic

The near future of the music industry remains a mystery. Most concerts and major festivals continue to be postponed due to the current situation, such as recently announced Primavera Sound. To this complex situation, some members of legendary groups add problems within themselves. Is what happens with Fleetwood Mac, at a time when the members of the band are spread out in different places with very different projects.

A few months ago, the band became popular again for becoming fashionable in the fastest growing social network of the moment, TikTok, in which it sounded Dreams, one of his great songs. Podo later, it was learned that he had had a rapprochement between Mick Fleetwood, the leader of the group, and whoever was his partner, the guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, who had not been part of the group for three years.

That meeting has borne fruit, and now we know that the two members of the group, who were suffering from a strong enmity, have reconciled. It is what emerges from a interview that Mick Fleetwood has given to Rolling Stone. “I enjoyed reconnecting with Lindsey, who has been friendly and open. And we’ve both been wonderfully honest about who we are and how we got to where we were, “he says, recalling that encounter between the two.

At that moment, all the desire of Fleetwood Mac fans for a new reunion of the members has skyrocketed. The possibility of a farewell tour with the band appears now more strongly than ever and the drummer refers to it in the interview. “Strange things can happen. I see Fleetwood Mac as one big family. Everyone plays an important role in our historyEven someone like guitarist Bob Welch, who was huge and sometimes forgets. Lindsey’s position at Fleetwood Mac, for obvious reasons, will never be forgotten, as it should never be forgotten. “

Fleetwood Mac, en 1973: Bob Weston, Christine McVie, Bob Welch, John McVie y Mick Fleetwood. / Michael Putland/Getty Images

The biggest impediment to a reunion with Buckingham is his relationship with Stevie Nicks, which had been tense for decades and finally reached a breaking point in early 2018. No reunion tour can come to fruition without the two reaching some sort of agreement. “I can’t talk about the dynamic with him and Stevie,” says Fleetwood.. “I don’t even need to protect him.”

It must be remembered that the group does not get along as well as it should for such a reunion to take place. The pianist Christine McVie went so far as to say in an interview on the BBC that bassist John McVie was “a bit fragile” and that he no longer had “the heart to do it.” He also said, “If we do it, it’ll be without John and without Stevie Nicks, I think … I’m getting a little old for that now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it again.”

Shortly after, he withdrew his words and qualified them, reminding all his fans that they are still “alive and well.” Christine McVie concluded that John McVie was primarily focused on his career, but Fleetwood was quick to respond that it never stopped him from participating in the band’s activities.

There has been no reason for McVie to hook up his bass since Fleetwood Mac wrapped up their last world tour in November 2019. It was their first tour since they parted ways with Lindsey Buckingham and signed Neil Finn from Crowded House and Mike Campbell from the band. Tom Petty to fill the void. “It was a huge and really lovely world tour that was more than successful in every way.”says Fleetwood, recalling those moments.