July 24, 2021

The sinister mess that has sunk Cliff Richard

The nightmare is over for Cliff Richard, Massiel’s rival at the 1968 Eurovision Song Contest, ranked second with “Congratulations”, while “La, la, la” was the winner. Four years ago the police entered his home, responding to an infamous accusation: that of having raped a minor. At that time, the “bobbys” used a media operation, with the connivance of the always serious and respected London BBC, whose officials placed a lot of cameras in the place, both in the air from a helicopter and on the ground. Cliff was not at home then, but on vacation in Portugal. Apparently, the one who gave the “tip” was a journalist from said British chain, to whom an unknown person leaked what, according to a judge, lacks veracity: there is no conclusive evidence that can ensure that the singer took sexual advantage of a minor neither one nor several times, as claimed with the so far false news. However, the BBC has said that it may appeal again.

At the moment the conclusion of the case has been this: Cliff Richard declared innocent. The police have to compensate him with 400,000 euros, and the BBC also with 230,000. No matter how much money he will pocket, nothing can compensate him for what he suffered in these last four years, with his honor being questioned when he assured in his first statements in court that he had never perverted any minor in his life.

Even with this sentence being disclosed, there is something that he planned a long time ago about sexual life, something ambiguous, with respect to Cliff RichardAccording to some rumors of homosexual orientation, and according to other bisexual ones, if we take for granted the love stories that link him to several women. Tell that in 1959 he had intimate relations with Carol Costa, ex-wife of the bassist of Los Shadows, an instrumental group with which Cliff was the vocalist for a few seasons, until 1968. According to the investigation, Carol was the woman Richard loved the most, who was also associated with a dancer named Jackie Irving and a star tennis star and television commentator Sue Barker. With Olivia Newton-John it was even published that they were lovers, although he denied it, saying that they were simply good friends.

In recent times, no one in the journalistic and musical circles of England ignores that Cliff Richard he lives with a former Catholic priest, who also happens to be his artistic representative. With whom, of course, she leads a full intimate life. When in some interviews Cliff Richard has been asked, with that morbid desire of the London tabloids, why he has not had children, the response of the pop rock singer could not have been clearer: “I did not want to. I am satisfied with my nephews, the children of my three sisters “