August 6, 2021

The Who will launch box set with 46 previously unreleased songs from “The Who Sell Out”

Today is birthday Roger Daltrey, frontman and vocalist of the British band The Who, and with this announcement, his fans will have more than enough desire to celebrate. And it is because the grouping will launch a box set with 46 unreleased songs from his classic album “The Who Sell Out”, which was originally published in 1967.

The band –who had to cancel his tour in Europe due to the Covid-19 pandemic– I had planned this album as a concept album that would include jingles and commercials in between the songs to emulate a pirate radio station and reflect the consumerism of the society of the time.

This collection will be released on April 23rd via UMC / Polydor, and for now pre-order in the official store of the grouping.

What’s in the content of this 46-song reissue?

This new box set from «The Who Sell Out» will feature 5 CDs and two singles on seven-inch vinyl, which in total will add 112 tracks and of which 46 of them will be unpublished. But not only will it contain music, it will come with replica posters, brochures and newsletters from the year the album was released, along with a 80 page full color book with unpublished photos, memories, annotations and notes of the guitarist and singer of the band Pete Townshend.

What’s more, the discs mentioned include:

CD 1: Original mono mix, mono Ace & B and other unreleased mono songs

CD 2: Original stereo mix and extra stereo tracks

CD 3: Studio shots, ‘fly-on-the-wall’ versions of early takes of songs from album sessions, ‘studio conversations’, etc.

CD 4: ‘The Road to Tommy’ will contain stereo mixes of the studio tracks recorded in 1968, some unreleased, plus mono mixes of 1968 As and Bs (all tracks remixed from original 4-track and 8-track session tapes in the vault of The Quien).

CD 5: 14 of Pete Townshend’s original demos, unknown and exclusive to this set

Magic Bus (US/UK mono) Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde (original US Decca single mix)

Singles on 7-inch vinyl:

Pista UK 45:

I Can See for Miles (early mono mix with single-tracked vocal)

Someone’s Coming (original UK Track single mix with single-tracked vocal)

Decca USA 45:

Magic Bus (US/UK mono)

Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde (original US Decca single mix)


  • 20 “x 30” original Adrian George psychedelic poster.
  • Afiche del concierto “City Hall, Newcastle: The Who, Traffic y The Tremeloes”.
  • 8-page program of the Saville Theater.
  • Kingly Street Bag o ‘Nails club business card.
  • Group Fan Club photo.
  • Bath Pavilion concert brochure, including The Who.
  • Sticker de parachoques de Wonderful Radio London.
  • Keith Moon Speakeasy Club Membership Card
  • The Who Fan Club Newsletter

In addition, and as a prelude to the launch, The Who posted a EP with 3 unreleased songs selected by Thownshend and that will be included in the box set. You can listen to them below.