July 29, 2021

What happened on September 26?

On a day like today 26 de septiembre de 1932, Mahatma Gandhi he broke his death fast 6 days and 5 hours after the British government approved most of the compromise plan on the privileges of the Indian untouchables in the legislative elections. However, it would not be his first and not his last hunger strike, as a fight against injustice.

Years later, the September 26, 2007, After monks joined the protests in Burma, tens of thousands of ordinary men and women also took to the streets in the so-called ‘Saffron Revolution‘The ruling military junta’s response was to act against street protests by Buddhist monks and others with the riot police leaving more than 1,000 protesters killed after firing indiscriminately into the crowd. You want to know more? Find out what happened on September 26.

What happened on September 26?

In Spain

Admiral Ferrándiz

1936: In the framework of the Spanish Civil War, the 112th Division of Queipo de Llano conquers Granja de Torrehermosa.
1936During the Spanish Civil War, the destroyer Almirante Ferrándiz (AF) is sunk in the Battle of Cape Spartel, in the fight for control of the Strait of Gibraltar.
1963: Spain and the United States re-sign the 1953 agreements on military bases on Spanish territory.
2000: The singer Alejandro Sanz launches his sixth studio album and fifth official entitled El alma al aire.
2005: The first trial against Al Qaeda is held in Spain.
2006: Spanish singer Álex Ubago launches his third solo studio album entitled Aviones de cristal.
2012: Ignacio González is appointed president of the Community of Madrid after the resignation of Esperanza Aguirre.

In the world

September 26
John F Kennedy y Richard Nixon

1905: Albert Einstein’s first article on the Theory of Special Relativity is published.
1934: In Clydebank (Scotland) the Queen Mary ocean liner is launched.
1934: Afghanistan is admitted to the League of Nations.
1941: In World War II the Battle of Kiev ends with the German victory.
1950: NATO agrees to admit the Federal Republic of Germany as a member.
1950: In New York, the United Nations Organization admits the entry of Indonesia.
1950In South Korea, United Nations troops recapture Seoul, which was in the hands of the North Koreans.
1954: In the Tsugaru Strait (Japan) the ferry Tōya Maru sinks during a typhoon. 1,172 people die.
1957: Leonard Bernstein’s musical West Side Story premieres in the United States.
1959: In Sri Lanka Prime Minister Solomon Bandaranaike is assassinated.
1960: In Chicago (United States) the first televised debate in history takes place, between the presidential candidates Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy.
1961: In the United States, singer-songwriter Bob Dylan makes his public debut.
1962: Yemen proclaims the republic.
1969: In the United Kingdom the last album of the British band The Beatles Abbey Road is published.
1969: In the United States the comedy The tribe of the Brady is premiered in the television channel ABC (it will last five years).
1973: In France, the Concorde plane makes its first non-stop crossing of the Atlantic in record time.
1980: In Munich (West Germany) the terrorist attack of the Oktoberfest happens: 13 people die, and 211 are injured.
1983In the USSR, the Autumn Equinox Incident almost caused a thermonuclear war, averted by Soviet officer Stanislav Petrov.
1984: Hong Kong, China and the United Kingdom agree to the cession of British sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997.
1988: In South Korea, the athlete Ben Johnson returns his gold medal of the 100 meters dash obtained in the Seoul Olympics for testing positive in the anti-doping control.
1997: In Russia, President Borís Yeltsin signs the law on freedom of worship, although the Orthodox Church maintains its privileged position.
2000: In Prague (Czech Republic), more than 20,000 people protest against globalization during the IMF and World Bank summits.
2002: In Senegal, the overloaded Le Joola ferry sinks off the coast of The Gambia. More than 950 people die, including five Spaniards.
2005: In Italy, Silvio Berlusconi and three Fininvest leaders are acquitted of their charges. Thanks to the law on acquittals (passed the day before) appeal is prohibited.
2007: Bungie Studios, together with Microsoft, releases Halo 3 for XBOX 360.
2009: In South America, the Bank of the South is constituted, made up of seven Latin American countries.

Who was born on September 26?

In Spain

September 26
Vicente Luis Mora

1930: Tito Fernández, filmmaker.
1932: Alicia Hermida, actress.
1936: Pedro Antonio Urbina, poet, writer, film critic and translator.
1939: Adelardo Rodríguez, soccer player.
1942: Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, filmmaker.
1953: Xabier Azkargorta, soccer coach.
1962: Jordi González, journalist.
1970: Vicente Luis Mora, writer.
1972: Alfonso Pérez Muñoz, footballer.
1994: Lucas Gafarot, footballer.

In the world

September 26
James Blake

1919: Barbara Britton, American actress.
1932: Donna Douglas, American actress
1932: Richard Herd, actor estadounidense.
1932: Manmohan Singh, Indian Prime Minister.
1939: Ricky Tomlinson, British actor and screenwriter.
1942: Kent McCord, American actor.
1944: Jan Brewer, American politician, governor of Arizona.
[1945: Bryan Ferry, British rock singer.
1948: Olivia Newton-John, Australian singer and actress of British origin.
1949: Eduardo Gatti, Chilean singer-songwriter and musician.
1955: Carlene Carter, American singer-songwriter and guitarist.
1956: Linda Hamilton, American actress.
1958: Robert Kagan, American historian.
1962: Jacky Wu, Taiwanese singer, television host and actor.
1964: Raquel Mancini, Argentine model.
1964: John Tempesta, American drummer.
1965: Alexandra Lencastre, Portuguese actress.
1968: Jim Caviezel, actor estadounidense.
1969: David Slade, British director and producer.
1972: Shawn Stockman, American singer, of the band Boyz II Men.
1974: Gary Hall Jr., American swimmer.
1975: Emma Härdelin, Swedish singer.
1975: Jake Paltrow, American filmmaker and screenwriter.
1976: Michael Ballack, footballer.
1979: Jacob Tierney, Canadian actor, actor, filmmaker and screenwriter.
1981: Christina Milian, American singer, dancer and actress.
1981: Serena Williams, American tennis player.
1984: Nev Schulman, American photographer, television host and producer.
1988: James Blake, British singer, songwriter and producer.
1988: Lilly Singh, youtuber and Canadian actress.
1989: Emma Rigby, British actress.

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Who died on September 26?

In Spain

September 26
Victoria Kent

1929: Agustín Riancho, painter.
1952: George Santayana, philosopher, novelist and poet.
1967: Luis Ceballos and Fernández de Córdoba, engineer and naturist.
1967: Rafael Fernández-Shaw, writer.
1970: Josep Maria Millàs Vallicrosa, historian.
1987: Victoria Kent, politics.
2006: Luis Adaro Ruiz-Falcó, businessman.

In the world

September 26
Paul Newman

1902: Levi Strauss, American textile industrialist, manufacturer of pants.
1937: Bessie Smith, American blues singer.
1988: Guillermo Battaglia, Argentine actor.
1990: Alberto Moravia, Italian writer.
1996: Geoffrey Wilkinson, British chemist, 1973 Nobel Prize winner for chemistry.
1998: Betty Carter, American jazz singer.
2000: Richard Mulligan, American actor.
2003: Shawn Lane, American guitarist, songwriter and producer.
2003: Robert Palmer, British singer and songwriter.
2008: Marc Moulin, Belgian musician, keyboardist and journalist.
2008: Paul Newman, American actor, filmmaker, producer and businessman.
2010: Gloria Stuart, American film, theater and television actress and centennial, the old woman in Titanic.
2011: Jerry Haynes, American actor

What is celebrated on September 26?

September 26
European Day of Languages

International Day of Deaf People
International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons
European Day of Languages
Inter-American Public Relations Day