July 26, 2021

10 important stadiums in Mexico to pamper dad

Mexico.- The celebration of the Father’s day and what better than a well-deserved walk next to father, in addition, to do it to places of interest as the states usually are. For the next celebration you can plan a tour of the facilities of important sports stadiums, here the ten most visited.

There are impressive infrastructures that can be enjoyed in different states of Mexico, so do not miss the opportunity to know the most visited stadiums in the Aztec country and its wonderful technological advances.

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BBVA Bancomer Stadium, Monterrey, Nuevo León

The BBVA Bancomer Stadium, located in Monterrey, Nuevo León, has the capacity to 53.500 spectators and it is the most modern stadium in all of Mexico; Its inauguration was in 2015 and it is the headquarters of the Rayados de Monterrey club. Its facilities include an official club store, giant screens in the field and in the corridors, two restaurants, 324 suites and a varied shopping area.

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Azteca Stadium, Mexico City

110,000 viewers It is the capacity of the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City, inaugurated in 1966, considered the most famous in all of Mexico, as it is the only one that has hosted two FIFA World Cup finals; in the 1970s and 1986.

In addition, it is also the stadium where the most matches of this event have been played with a total of 19. As if that were not enough, it is also a space for musical concerts of well-known international artists such as Michael Jackson, Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, U2 , Paul McCartney, among others.

Akron Stadium, Zapopan, Guadalajara

The Guadalajara state of Guadalajara is not far behind, since in Zapopan they have Akron State, formerly known as Omnilife Stadium, as well as Chivas State, the latter for being the headquarters of the popular Mexican team. In the Aztec country, it is the sixth largest and with the latest technology; its inauguration was in 2010 and with a friendly match against the English team Manchester United.

It has a capacity of 49,750 spectatorsFurthermore, it is considered one of the ten best sports venues in the world and second in Latin America; It has a wide variety of sales such as food, drinks and even an official Chivas store. On the other hand, there are children’s entertainment areas, a beauty salon and even a cinema to offer visitors an excellent stay.

Olympic University State, Mexico City

It is currently the most important building in Latin America, the second largest in all of Mexico and in 1968 it housed the main events of the Olympic Games. Its architecture is wonderful; On one of its sides it presents murals made by hand by none other than Diego Rivera, among whom the Mexican Family, the University, La Paz and the Sports Youth were similar.

Hidalgo Stadium, Pachuca

It is considered one of the most comfortable sports venues in Mexico, with the capacity to house 30,000 people in its luxurious seats that were strategically located to offer viewers the best vision and state-of-the-art services without having to leave their armchair.

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In addition, it has giant screens, a time tunnel where the history of Truzos de Pachuca football is revived, an interactive museum and a VIP lounge. This stadium is also known as “El Huracán”; It was inaugurated on February 14, 1993 and was remodeled in 2011, when it hosted the U-17 World Cup and in 2014 it again had some modifications.

Corregidora Stadium, Querétaro

Home of the Querétaro Fútbol Club of the First Division of Mexico, the Corregidora Stadium was inaugurated in 1985 and has a capacity for 35,575 spectatorsIn addition, it takes great importance for having witnessed matches of the FIFA World Cup in 1986.

Victoria Stadium, Aguascalientes

The home of the famous Necaxa soccer club was inaugurated in 2003; has a capacity for 25,000 people and it was built in a strategic way so that its visitors can appreciate every detail of the matches from almost any point of its infrastructure.

Corona Stadium, Torreón, Coahuila

Also known as the Santos Modelo Territory, the Corona de Torreón Stadium, Coahuila, owes its fame to being considered the only comprehensive complex in Latin America on a large scale that welcomes sports, religious, educational and entertainment character. It has two super boxes, a party room, a gym, a press room, 112 suites and a capacity of 30,000 viewers.

Cuauhtémoc Stadium, Puebla

It is known as the Colossus of Wonders and is the headquarters of the Club Puebla football team, with capacity for 51,726 spectators, which makes it the fifth stadium with the highest capacity in all of Mexico, as well as the highest with 45.9 meters from the floor to the ceiling level.

In 1970 and 1986 the matches of the FIFA World Cup were played; It opened on October 6, 1966 and underwent a refurbishment in 2015, making it more comfortable and more technologically advanced to offer an unbeatable visit.

University Stadium (UANL), Nuevo León

“El Volcán”, as many know it, is the home stadium of the UANL Tigres football team, with a capacity of 42,000 viewers. It was inaugurated on May 30, 1967 and its most outstanding feature is a giant screen of 8.60 m high by 12.48 m wide, one of the largest in Latin America, in addition, one of the pioneers in recording technology, since it has with 25 closed-circuit cameras that allow you to capture every detail on and off the court.

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Its facilities are impressive, it has 10 luxurious suites, 220 boxes, a press area for 120 journalists in each game, 840 VIP seats and one of the largest parking lots of all the stadiums in Mexico, with a capacity of 3,600 vehicles.

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