July 31, 2021

Cuban-American Genesis Diaz surprises in battle of La Voz US

Show off

Genesis Diaz stood out in the battle of La Voz US that he had with Sheniel Maisonet and the Mexican Alejandra Guzmán says the reason why he selected her for his team

Genesis Diaz in La Voz US

Genesis Diaz in La Voz US. (TELEMUNDO)

In the American talent show, La Voz US, which is broadcast on the Telemundo channel, the audience is impressed by the great battle of Genesis Diaz VS. Sheniel Maisonet who had these beautiful and talented singers.

The two singers were great during the battle, however, the Cuban-American stood out, so the famous Mexican singer, Alejandra Guzmán, selected her to join her team.

As a token of appreciation, Genesis Diaz made a post on her Instagram account where she shows a video with her coach, Alejandra Guzmán. Genesis says that the words Guzmán said to her when he chose her motivate her.

The reason why Genesis was chosen according to her coach is “because I think she gave me that lioness that I needed and this woman has an artist’s blood, she is my lucky unicorn,” said Mexican Guzmán.

For his part, Genesis Diaz says that now he is going “with everything now for the living to represent #TEAMGUZMAN.”

Obviously the winner of this battle showed the talent inherited by her parents. His mother being a singer, songwriter and guitar teacher, while his father has played a large number of musical instruments.

Likewise, the Cuban-American claims to be musically inspired by Adele, who is her favorite singer. He also mentions Aretha Franklin and Etta Jones, “mixed with the modern sounds of Shakira, Natalia Jiménez and Beyoncé,” says Diaz.

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