July 28, 2021

‘Cyberpunk 2077’, ‘Lucy’, ‘Slaughterhouse Five’ and much more

The arrival at the end of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (with controversies for its performance included, in addition), marks the agenda of a weekend in which, if you don’t like futuristic ultraviolence, we have other proposals: from police series set in rural Galicia to biographies of satanic country singers, passing through an authentic science fiction classic in an impeccable adaptation.

‘Lucy’ (HBO)

A unique twist on superhero cinema, featuring a Scarlett Johansson much more outspoken than in her incarnation of Black Widow, in what is Luc Besson’s best film in a long time. Here, a young woman forced to act as a mule for a powerful new drug acquires superhuman powers when the substance comes into contact with her body, and her brain increases its capacity to 100%. Berserk, insane and with a conclusion you will never, ever see in Marvel movies and DC.

‘The mess you leave’ (Netflix)


Spanish-style suspense with this miniseries from the co-creator of ‘Elite’ for Netflix, starring the great Barbara Lennie and Imma Cuesta. In more rural Galicia, a new teacher arrives at the institute in an isolated town. Soon begins to suspect that something strange happened with his predecessor, who disappeared under strange circumstances. A different setting for a very particular thriller.

'Cyberpunk 2077', analysis after 40 hours of play: CD Projekt Red's dystopia is an ultraviolent revolution, but also subtle

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ (PC, Xbox Series X|S, XOne, PS5, PS4, Stadia)


With controversy in tow due to the bugs that plague the versions on less powerful platforms, it is undoubtedly one of the games of the year: its stunning open world and brilliant setting are among the most elaborate in recent times, and CD Projekt Red has done an impeccable job of creating a lively set, beautifully written, with mechanics and development details absolutely above its competitors. A must if you are interested in gender.

‘Call of the Sea’ (PC, Xbox Series X|S)

Call Of The Sea Inside Xbox Series X

The first Spanish game for the new Microsoft consoles Play to recover the myths of Cthulhu in the key of wild puzzles and exploration of places remote. More focused on the atmosphere than on the terror, it tells the story of the search for a missing person on a lost island, and the meaning of some strange dreams that haunt the protagonist. His technical modesty, his good aesthetic taste and the toughness of some of his puzzles give him a very special personality.

How Albert Monteys is reinventing science fiction comics with 'Universe!'

‘Slaughterhouse Five’ (Ryan North and Albert Monteys)

Slaughterhouse5 4

Absolutely stunning adaptation of a total classic of genre literature, the work of Kurt Vonnegut and featuring one of the sharpest and most original critiques ever written against the horror of war. North and Monteys embrace the humor, rhythm, and feverish ideas of the original, converting Monteys, after this and his ‘Universe!’ in one of the undisputed greats of science fiction comics at an international level.

‘Satan is Real – The Ballad of the Louvin Brothers’ (Ryan North and Albert Monteys)

Satan Cover

The most insane musical biography you can throw on your retinas right now it is that of this institution of American and country music more desnort. Defined as “the Cain and Abel of country music,” they had a string of spiritually-rooted hits that hid turbulent stories of jealousy, addiction, and tumultuous performances. Pure North American mythology for a couple of lives marked by the Evil One (and the Most High).