July 26, 2021

Devo launches virtual store with protective shields against Covid-19

The mask is a mandatory item. We have known this since the arrival of Covid-19 to the world, and the band of new wave, Devo, that this week launched its virtual store with a particular object: his iconic red helmet attached with velcro to a plastic face protector.

The Energy Dome, which is how the characteristic red hats are known in English that the members of the band occupied in their live presentations and video clips, was designed by the lead singer of Devo, Mark Mothersbaugh, y Jerry Casale.

«We design them by the influence of German Bauhaus movement, for geometric fashion and Aztec temples. We just liked the look. It looked good, and it didn’t look like any other band out there. We looked like Lego toys or something like that when we had them in our heads, and that was a positive thing, “he said at one point. Mothersbaugh to explain the design.

What does the shield consist of and how much does it cost?

«The dome is solid and the attached plastic shield is clear!but it’s what you can’t see that gets you! ”says the product description for the Devo Energy Dome PPE kit at www.clubdevo.com.

Stay safe from invisible particles and unwanted body fluids with this head protection kit. The shield attaches to your Energy Dome via Velcro. It’s simple and safe! ”Is also explained in the product description.

The kit of the band that owns the hit «Whip It» cost At $ 49.98.

In addition to face shields, Devo is also selling two types of masks: triple layer cotton with the Energy Dome symbol (U $ 20) and a mask Duty Now ($ 90, includes masks).

For those who already have a Power Dome ($ 31.98) at home, only the protective shield with the cover of the group «Duty Now for the Future »is available for purchase ($ 19.98).

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