July 24, 2021

Ephemeris: on June 15, he wrote his poetry from memory

A love collection of poems from a unique writer. The Argentine who made Enzo Ferrari happy. Farewell to Ella and a Disney King. Boca, one more feat and the Suzie of rock

The love poems that defined a writer committed to life. The other Argentine precursor in Formula 1: the only national driver that Don Enzo admired.

A day to say goodbye to one of the magical voices of the twentieth century and see the King who made the cartoon Lion wake up again: a mouth of overalls and feat and the first hit of a band that had many successes. On June 15 he writes his story

Literature: 1924 (97 years). Pablo Neruda edit the book Twenty love poems and a desperate song shortly before turning 20 years old. His fresh youth was not an impediment to achieve a very high literary and communicative level, which has made this book an essential reference in Latin American literature. As stated by its author about his creative process, Neruda resorts to the memories of his youthful loves to build this image that will accompany the reader throughout the book. There the poet mixed physical characteristics of several real women from his early youth to create an image that does not correspond to any of them in particular, but rather represents a purely poetic idea of ​​his love object. It is considered one of the most renowned literary works of the 20th century in the Spanish language.

Motorsports: 2013 (8 years) The motorist dies in Buenos Aires, at the age of 90 José Froilán González, the first driver to win a Formula 1 race for the Italian Ferrari team, by winning the British Grand Prix on July 14, 1951. In Formula 1 he was world runner-up in 1954 and third in 1951. He was born in Arrecifes in 1922. He raced in Turismo Carretera Em F1 repeated victory at Silverstone in 1954, in what was his second and last triumph in the top flight. That same year he won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, also with Ferrari.

Music: 1996 (25 years) The singer dies in Beverly Hills (California, USA) at the age of 79. Ella Fitzgerald, considered one of the most important in the history of jazz along with Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan. In the fifties he sat in the chair with his conception of the melodic song, in parallel to the work of Frank Sinatra, with his versions of the themes of the great composers of the American popular song He won fourteen Grammy Awards, including the Grammy for his entire career , and was awarded the National Medal of Arts and the Presidential Medal of Freedom of the United States.

Cinema 1994 (27 years). The film that gave birth to Disney studios was released in the United States, “The Lion King”, that generated a whole new stage in the animation industry. It was directed by Rob Minkoff and Roger Allers, and Elton John and Tim Rice were in charge of the soundtrack. In addition, it had a large choral cast that included Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons, James Earl Jones, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Moira Kelly and Nathan Lane. he lion king won two Oscars thanks to its soundtrack and the Golden Globe in the category of best film, comedy or musical, among others. It had a production cost of 45 million dollars and raised worldwide 970 million. In Argentina it premiered on July 7, 1994.

Football: 1986 (35 years) Feat of Boca in Rosario. In the final of the Pre Libertadores League, the “Xeneize” had lost 0-2 to Newell’s in the first leg played at La Bombonera and fell 0-1 in retaliation (0-3 on aggregate). He made the epic more concrete by defeating “La Lepra” at Parque Independencia 4 to 1 (4-3 in the series), thanks to goals from Alfredo Graciani -2- and “Tuta” Torres -2-. A striking fact was that both teams finished with eight players: in Boca Hrabina, Hoyos and Higuaín were sent off, while in Newell’s they saw the red Martino, Llop and Pautasso.

Song of the Day: 1968 (age 53) The single of Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Suzie Q” the first great success of the US band that climbed to position 11 in the ranking of that country, and that belonged to their debut album. It was the only top song of the band that was not composed by its leader John Fogerty. Its authors are Dale Hawkins and Robert Chaisson, and it was originally composed in 1957

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