August 4, 2021

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The disc “The Calling”, from the ukrainian band SYNOPTIC, shows a strong and impressive album, mixing modern rock with the psychedelia of the 70s. This mixture had already been very clear in the single “Apple Tree”, which reverberated the name of the band band in the four corners of the planet. Hailing from the Donetsk region, Ukraine, along with his friends from the groove metal band JINJER, SYNOPTIC He decided to move to Kiev in search of a more secure life, but the scars of the political conflict continued.

Influenced by artists like Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix y Pink Floyd, what it brings SYNOPTIC It is a brilliantly executed album, but also a record full of emotion, good intentions, and intimate lyrics rarely heard in this genre.
Fueled by his thirst to compose larger-than-life rock songs with meaning behind them, SYNOPTIC He has learned to adapt to the environment and has adopted a strong DIY attitude when it comes to making his music.

“The Calling” was produced and recorded in his own studio by the vocalist and guitarist Dmitriy Afanasiev, who considers the new work as a concept album. “For me, the songs, as well as the title, are like a reminder for every traveler, warrior, driver, doctor or even parent, that when you leave home, you know that there is always someone waiting for you, wherever you go. If you miss someone you love, remember that they are waiting for you to catch up. This is “The call”. Dmitriy also adds: “It is also the story of a man who struggled to fulfill his dream all his life, but when he finally reached it, he realized that in the rush to get there, he had not paid attention to the important things in his life. lifetime. Each song describes various life cycles / stages in the life of this main hero. From your childhood to reaching your dream. And in the end it is not clear if he will die or if he will hear the call … This is also “The Calling”

SINOPTIK – The Call | Official Music Video 2021

SYNOPTIC brings in his luggage the prize to the “Best Band in the World” 2016, a title won at the Berlin Global Battle of the Bands, as well as having a lot of live experience, playing alongside names like Uriah Heep, Marilyn Manson, among others.

What the world press has said:

“I like the fact that they have a keyboard effect that Yes would have used in the 70s, but it sounds contemporary. It’s as if Yes’s sound effects meet contemporary rock. ”- Wyatt Wendels, Planet Rock Radio

“Well produced and I can’t help but think of ‘Jimi Hendrix Experience’, but with a dynamic 21st century vibe” -Dick Metcalf, editor of Contemporary Fusion Reviews

“Sounds a bit like the Chemical Brothers covering a Pink Floyd movement from the Echoes phase” – Tim Thornton, Huffington Post

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