July 31, 2021

From Madonna to María Becerra and Tini Stoessel: the evolution of fashion through video clips

The music and fashion they are two forms of art that provide feedback. What fashion dictates is presented in the most popular pop music videos and, at the same time, the most iconic costumes from the videos hit the streets and are inserted into the outfits of the masses.

It is enough to take a tour of the most popular video clips in the history of music to realize how fashion influenced each stage, and how styles, generations and trends were changing in each era.

We could not mark the beginning of this journey with the help of another artist other than Madonna. When the queen of pop rose to world fame with her second album, Like a Virgin, her style became a women’s fad of the decade. From the hand of the jewelry designer and stylist Maripol, consisted of a mix of punk and new romantic aesthetics. This is how lace tops, skirts over capri pants, fishnets and crucifix jewelry hit the streets.

Madonna en el videoclip de “Like a Virgin”. (Foto: @like.a_prayer)For: Instagram/@like.a_prayer

With the arrival of the 90s, laces, fishnet stockings and dark colors were left behind. The celebrities of the time began to be seen dressed in colorful outfits and full of prints. Kate Moss y Naomi Campbell They made this style their own, wearing miniskirts and dresses in pastel colors, leather covers and buccaneers in shocking colors. This paradigm shift came to music from the hand of Britney Spears Y Las Spice Girls, whose videos did not lack neon colors, sports tops and pants and tennis-style skirts.

The Spice Girls, style icons: sporty look and full color. (@spicegirls)For: Instagram/@spicegirls

Little by little, the bright colors began to fade: with the popularization of Emo culture, in the early 2000s, this style gained relevance in music, with Avril Lavigne as its main exponent. His wave punk y skater became a trend, popularizing classics such as Converse sneakers and buzos oversized, in addition to his iconic muscle ties. The media and her fans began to call her the princess of punk-rock, and even the “anti-Britney.”

But it was not all darkness in the 2000s. Towards its end, the fury of artists such as Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez Y Katy Perry They brought back the color: skirts, cropped top and shorts sets and dresses of all colors became a trend. At the same time, the romantic-country style of Taylor Swift merged in search of a more “girly” result. These trends spread over the next decade, adding glamorous details such as glitter and transparencies.

Lady Gaga, one of the most fashionable artists. (Photo: AP)For: AP

Today, music videos, as well as street fashions, are reminiscent of this evolution. Dua Lipa She goes from neon colors to lace and glitter in her two most popular videos of the last year, Don’t Start Now Y Levitating. Karol G Y Nicky Minaj they shine with necklines, transparencies and sparkles in their famous Tusa, with elegant details and trash.

Karol G sets trends from the stage. (Photo: Eric Jamison / Invision / AP)

Without going any further, the Argentines Tini and Maria Becerra, on Lie to Me, combine wide tops and pants in the best 90s style, with metallic jewelry very Madonna and a touch of punk and rag.

Tini Stoessel and María Becerra: rag look and luxury brands. (Photo: @tinistoessel)For: Instagram/@tinistoessel

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