July 25, 2021

No one like Elton John knows the secrets and miseries of the British royal house firsthand.

Elton John has a trusting relationship with the royal family that began with Princess Margaret’s admiration for her music, continued with a close relationship with Diana of Wales, and has culminated in her fierce defense of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. from Sussex in his famous Megxit or Harry’s departure to live in the United States.

It was Princess Margaret, sister of Elizabeth II, who in the 70s took the first step to meet the musician, after a concert in London. After this, a series of invitations were given by the royalty, to the palace, there was even a dinner to which he was invited. It was the first dinner Elton John attended with members of the British royal house. John, Princess Margaret’s husband, put on a show that ended with the princess leaving the dinner crying, Lord Snowdon screaming for her dinner, and the rest of the guests very uncomfortable.