July 26, 2021

Ryan Murphy will show the famous nightclub “Studio 54” in one of the seasons of “American Crime Story” | THE IMPARTIAL

MEXICO CITY.- After presenting his latest Netflix project, where he deals with the life of the legendary fashion designer, Halston, the director Ryan Murphy revealed that it will bring to the screen a crime story centered on “Studio 54”.

The multi-award-winning 55-year-old television series director told Deadline that his next “American Crime Story” project will be based on the famous nightclub located in midtown Manhattan, New York, which everyone wanted to attend.

“Studio 54” was open intermittently from 1977 to 1986, which became famous among celebrities around the world, so they attended frequently, since the interior of the place It was characterized by debauchery, with parties that allowed excessive drug use and fluid sexuality.

Among the celebrities who attended are Andy Warhol, Grace Jones, Liza Minnelli y Halston, the legendary fashion designer.

Evidently entry to the nightclub was very selective and it was common to see the multitude of people who lined up outside, hoping to get in and sneak in with the “crazy socialite” from New York.


According to the publication, the owners of “Studio 54” were Ian Schrager Y Steve Rubell, who were forced to close the business, in 1980, after being convicted of evading taxes, and that particular part will be listed as “the crime” in “American Crime Story.”

We’re doing Studio 54 as a season of American Crime Story. You can see in my work that I am obsessed with that era. It was then when I was a kid, in Indiana, when I read Liz Smith’s column in the Indianapolis Star, and I read about it, I thought, ‘Oh! I want to go there’”, He expressed.

Murphy stressed that he loves history and what that place represented, but acknowledged that it is a story full of excesses and in which two men took things too far in order to fulfill their dream and they had to pay for it.

The first two seasons of “American Crime Story” focused on the trial of OJ Simpson and the murder of the famous fashion designer, Gianni Versace, and a third season that is in production and will premiere next September deals with the scandal of Monica Lewinsky and the former presidents, Bill Clinton, in the late 1990s.

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