July 24, 2021

The reason why John Sykes (ex-Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy) failed to be a Guns N ‘Roses guitarist despite having embroidered it in the test

February 1, 2021 2:51 pm
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The guitarist John Sykes, known for having been a guitarist in Thin Lizzy and in Whitesnake, among other groups, auditioned to take care of the guitar in Guns N’ Roses more than a decade ago. This has been confirmed in an interview with Tone-Talk the current rhythm guitarist of the band, Richard Fortus, who has also pointed out that in his place, back in 2009, he entered DJ Ashba.

“We tested a lot of people and John Sykes was amazing.”, he began to narrate. “I remember Tommy Stinson (ndr: then bassist for Guns N ‘Roses) walked in, we started rehearsals and we saw John there. Tommy turns to the tour manager and says, “Man, send him home. Why are we doing this? Axl is not going to accept this. ” And the tour manager replies: “It’s John Sykes, man. The songs have been learned. The least you can do is listen to it “”, continued counting.

In the end, Tommy Stinson agreed to give it a try. “So we walk into the room, and within two minutes, Tommy looks at me like ‘OMG!’ It was incredible. He just plugged in the amp and embroidered it. His tone was incredible. Our jaws were on the ground, sure. “Fortus noted.

As for why John Sykes didn’t get the gig, here’s what Richard explained:

“John’s reputation precedes him. But personally I got on really well with him and kept in touch. In fact, I kept in touch with him quite regularly until he got the Thin Lizzy gig, then he didn’t call me anymore. But I thought it was cool. ”

John Sykes has gone through a multitude of bands, but this year he has decided to turn to his solo career with the album ‘Sy-Ops’, composed and produced by Sykes himself. However, there is no set release date yet.


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