August 2, 2021

They confirm detention for 27 people linked to Operation Oasis

CORPRENSAThe Drug Prosecutor’s Office succeeded in indicting charges of aggravated conspiracy to commit drug-related crimes as the perpetrator for 25 people apprehended in the Oasis operation.

The Superior Court of Appeals of the First Judicial District of Panama, confirmed the provisional arrest, against 27 citizens, those who are accused of the possible commission of the crime against collective security, in its modality of conspiracy to commit drug-related crimes, in the case known as “Operation Oasis”.

The court composed of the magistrates Yiles Pittí (President), Adrián Hernández and Adilio González, confirmed the decision decreed by two Judges of Guarantees during a hearing held on Saturday, June 12, 2021.

The Magistrates of the Superior Court of Appeals, they reformed the precautionary measure of provisional detention imposed on four other defendants. To three the periodic report to the competent authority, as well as, the ban on leaving the country; while to another, in addition to the periodic report was decreed, the prohibition of leaving the province of Coclé was also applied, and the prohibition of maintaining communication with the accused within this process.

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The court found that the elements of conviction provided at the hearing, they were sufficient to maintain the personal precautionary measure of provisional detention, decreed by the Judges of Guarantees.

At the hearing, the Public Ministry was represented by prosecutors Joseph Adames Díaz and Gleisi Hernández. The private defenders who participated are: Carlos Herrera Morán, Abdiel Henríquez, Agustín Martínez, Israel Marín, Martín Caicedo Martínez, Marc Lowe, William Moore, Carlos Fuentes, Edwin Terán, Anthony Espinoza, José Aizprúa, Tomás Herrera, Jorge Aparicio, Julio Pinzón, Kevin Reid and the Holland Polo , Leisa García, and Katherine López.