July 29, 2021

This is how they segregate Cubans in Varadero

Beatles Bar and Varadero. (Photo: Tripadvisor)

Despite professing the socialist ideology, the Cuban regime has turned the island into one of the largest private properties in the world.

Not only are the monetary limitations, but the exclusive nature of dozens of places administered by the State itself, make the Cuban who lives on the island an inferior being. A policy of institutionalized segregationism.

There is no greater humiliation. This was stated on Twitter by a Cuban identified as Amalia Hero, who experienced what she herself describes as “feeling like a cockroach in your own country.”

The internet user tells that in the past few days she visited The Beatles bar, located at the intersection of 1st and 59th streets in the famous spa, and in which it can only be consumed with foreign coins.

“Despite this humiliation, I decided to go with some friends to have even a drink, thanks to the fact that my mother gave her two balls and emigrated to the United States, crossing a thousand borders and she can send me some of that money, since here she doesn’t They pay me, ”he said.

“Listen to a little music and forget even 10 minutes the embarrassment of life to which this government is subjecting its people”, was the intention of this user.

To her surprise, upon entering the bar, the security officer greets her and tells her that access to Cubans is prohibited, not because of measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic, but because of orders from the local management itself.

“He told me ‘I’m dying of grief with you, but I can’t lose my job’, at the same time I could see foreigners dancing, drinking and enjoying music, without a mask, happy with life, in my country,” he said.

“They didn’t even let me buy a drink or a bottle of water to drink outside. I had to turn my back and sit on the front wall to wait for the concert to end and my musician friends could come out to see me, as if I were the plague, “he said.

After that humiliation, Amalia wondered why they don’t open the doors and let all Cubans out if they no longer want them, even in their own country.

“Here the tourist is a god and the Cuban himself is disgusted and unhappy who has no right to anything in his own land. Why? Is our money not worth it? If thanks to that money that comes from our relatives in other countries you are living the good life ”, he stated.

“Disgust and grief of the Government, subjecting Cubans to a miserable life full of anger, sadness, poverty, hunger, limitations, stress, taking away our will to live, wasting years here and with our balls in our throats waiting to see which one will go to be the next crazy decision that their leaders are going to make to sink us further into misery and unhappiness, “he said.

Currently, the Varadero resort receives tourism mostly from Russia, a country that, despite having a developed vaccine, has one of the lowest immunization rates.

Visitors to the Eurasian giant also have free mobility and lax measures to avoid contagion through Covid-19, all with the permission of the same government that represses and fines its own citizens for unprecedented situations.

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