July 31, 2021

Boy George turns 60, after being evicted at 35

He’s British, in the 80’s and 90’s He was an icon of sexual diversity, androgyny and rebellion. On Monday, artist Boy George turned 60, in good health. In 1995 his doctors gave him eight weeks to live, because his physical and mental state were very deteriorated due to the excess of drugs, especially heroin and alcohol. He recovered and now leads a quiet life away from the stage and scandals.

He was the leader of the band Culture Club, with which he became famous and conquered a market that was tired of the conventional. He never hid his homosexuality and later assumed his androgyny, that is, he dressed like a woman, she wore extravagant clothes, put on makeup, and assumed feminine poses.

Fame and success went to his head. He left his band and developed his solo artistic career, but it was when he began to abuse alcohol and drugs, to the point that several times he was taken to the hospital for care for a heroin overdose, which later caused him to lose musical credibility, as he became informal with his commitments, was late or canceled his concerts.

In 1995 the English newspaper The Sun published on its cover “Boy George has only eight weeks to live”, and they were based on a medical report that indicated that his body was destroyed by narcotics and alcohol, that he had several complicated organs and that in his state he would hardly recover.

The doctors said that the excessive makeup she used was to cover the traces of the drug on his face, they had marked him. Later he corroborated this theory, and commented that his extravagant way of dressing was to hide his unhappiness. He also confessed that he was spending more than a thousand dollars on heroin every day.

He was admitted to a drug rehabilitation center in London. They gave him a detox treatment and began to heal his damaged organs. Time passed and little by little it got better. That was 25 years ago.

For a long time it was only known that he lived in a house in the English countryside, totally removed from artistic activities, that he had given up drugs and alcohol and that he even changed his way of dressing.

His real name is George Alan ODowd. He began in the world of entertainment as a doorman in a nightclub in London, and it was there that he had his first musical presentation with the Culture Club group, when the owners of the bowling alley gave him the opportunity to sing. From there his career took off.

Later he assumed his androgynous image that gave him worldwide fame. It was speculated that she had romantic relationships with artists George Michael and David Bowie. He became close friends with Madona, whom he later became his public enemy.

Together with a music company recently he reissued 60 songs that he will publish in an album, in tribute to his six decades of life. That is the only artistic activity that he has carried out after his departure from the stage.