August 4, 2021

Dave Grohl on Nirvana’s low expectations on ‘Nevermind’

September will mark the 30th anniversary of the release of “Nevermind”, the second studio album by iconic grunge band Nirvana. Despite the fact that this material is now considered one of the pillars of rock in the 90’s, Dave Grohl, who was the group’s drummer, recently revealed that its members did not expect the success presented.

During a recent interview with Uncut as part of a retrospective to “Nevermind” for its anniversary, Grohl assures that by the time his friends listened to the finished album, he received all kinds of flattering comments, anticipating that they would be a hugely successful band.

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“We were saying ‘What? What are you talking about? Donita Sparks from L7 came by and said we would be huge. My old friend Barret Jones, who I grew up with in Virginia, who was a musician and producer, heard Lithium and said we would be great. He believed that ‘Lithium’ should be the first single, “said Grohl.

They were all having lofty thoughts and I was like, ‘Well, it’s nice that they say it, but there’s no way this is going to happen.’

Dave Grohl went on to say that it was important to remember the kind of music that was popular at the time, citing artists like Wilson Phillips, Mariah Carey or Bon Jovi, “not bands like us,” he says. “So it seemed implausible that we could be close to that kind of success,” commented the musician.

Although the band did not trust that the album could have commercial success, Grohl assures that they knew that its sound was adequate. “The band was safe and Kurt’s songs were damn great. We’d do a takes or two and maybe additional dubbing here and there. Kurt did the vocals and it was crystal clear and so powerful and melodic and beautiful that you felt proud. And we definitely were ”.

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Recently Dave Ghrol revealed that the remaining Nirvana members have been meeting regularly and this has led to some “really cool” recording sessions taking place, although he rules out the possibility that they will decide to make a new album under the group’s name. .