July 27, 2021

How is Ed Sheeran’s diet to lose weight and lose more than 20 kilos

The plans to lose weight, it is proven, many times end in the “rebound effect” and the person regains almost everything lost. Of course, it is not only a question of aesthetics, but of health. And the pandemic, on top, complicated the panorama by favoring a sedentary lifestyle. Just as there are endless diets, some of them called “miraculous” because they promise a lot with very little, there are also specialists who propose to avoid them and take other ways to lose weight.

Each person chooses to lose weight and lose weight for different reasons and at different times. The musician Ed Sheeran told the British network BBC that the turning point that led him to want to shed those extra pounds was the end of his last tour.

“This is the first time that I am really healthy,” Sheeran said. The artist was immersed in a routine in which he ate “food to go every day”. Now, he gave up “all the bad habits in my life” and started “exercising every day.”

The change of the British singer was radical.

His physical routine includes an intense workout called High Intensity Interval Exercises, or HIIT. This training consists of performing physical exercises in short periods of time, which last approximately 30 seconds to 1.30 minutes. As he told The Mirror, “I did 10 minutes without fail every day. 30-second intervals of speed exercises and 30 of rest.”

Although he chooses the low profile when saying that the change “just happened”, Sheeran confessed that he no longer eats “Chicken wings and two bottles of wine every night”. And, the process to follow a healthy lifestyle began in 2017, when the singer he lost 22 kilos by eliminating only beer from his diet. He weighed 95 kilos and today stands at an approximate weight of 73.

Ed Sheeran put down the chicken wings and wine, among other things.

Ed Sheeran put down the chicken wings and wine, among other things.

“Now I started drinking beer again, because I’m fine, but I stopped doing it regularly and I spend my time exercising, which was quite strange for me. ” In December 2019, Sheeran recounted in an interview on the ‘Behind the Metal’ podcast that zero beer consumption was followed by his quitting tobacco: “I quit smoking three years ago, and I’ve been exercising ever since.”

At that time he admitted that many trolls on social networks called him “fat” Sheeran pointed out that the comments did not bother him, but then they became habitual and that led him to take a drastic measure; running and cycling. “I never had insecurities because probably half of the people who called me fat were also fat.”

Running and cycling, the pillars of Sheeran's new healthy life.

Running and cycling, the pillars of Sheeran’s new healthy life.

According to nutritionists, to lose kilos you have to increase your consumption of fruits (three servings a day) and vegetables (two servings). In the case of vegetables, as these increase satiety, they should occupy half the plate, and accompany almost any other food.

As for condiments, pay close attention to those that contain a lot of fat, such as butter, margarine or cheese. As for the meat, it must be lean (chicken, without skin). Fundamental: less hamburgers, cold cuts and sausages, as well as sugars and sweets.

The singer’s sports routine includes running for 45 minutes in the morning, an activity that sometimes combines swimming or squats. Added to this exercise is the wear and tear of their performances. Although from the outside he looks like a man with a guitar and multiple microphones, concerts require a lot of movement that contributes to weight loss.

Sheeran, in a pre-pandemic image, from 2019.

Sheeran, in a pre-pandemic image, from 2019.

“I’m jumping all the time, when the concert ends I’m drenched in sweat,” he confessed. In fact, the singer revealed what many artists suffer: the heat given by the spotlights used in any type of room.

Now Ed Sheeran looks like a new man. The artist, who made it public in 2020 that in 2018 he had married Cherry Seaborn, a former high school classmate, has just become a father. These series of changes seem to have made you think about your health. While star life involves “eating badly and drinking,” Sheeran took advantage of the months of coronavirus quarantine to take care of himself.

Ed Sheeran with Cherry Seaborn, his childhood sweetheart, his current wife, and the mother of his daughter, Lyra Antartica.

Ed Sheeran with Cherry Seaborn, his childhood sweetheart, his current wife, and the mother of his daughter, Lyra Antartica.