July 27, 2021

Phil Collins sues his ex for accusing him of “dirty and smelly”

The war between Phil Collins and his ex-wife is already a court case. In the context of the dispute over the mansion they shared in Miami, where she stayed living with her new husband, Orianne Cevey’s accusations against the British musician sounded loud two months ago.

Cevey had stated to the site TMZ that Collins went without bathing or brushing his teeth for a year. And that that had led to the divorce. The British musician was not silent and, through his lawyers, was quick to respond to these words calling them “immaterial and impertinent”, as well as “grossly exaggerated” and as a “attempted extortion”.

“Philip’s stench became so pervasive that he became a hermit,” she had said, amid the legal battle to keep the mansion they once shared. Cevey was claiming his share of the house which is valued at $ 40 million.

Phil Collins and his ex-wife Orianne. She publicly treated him as dirty.

“He stopped showering, brushing his teeth and dressing properly,” said the woman with whom he had two children. The relationship between the two has been going on for almost 30 years, between twists and turns, with a previous divorce in between and a new stage as a marriage five years ago. Orianne was his third wife and the mother of his two youngest children, Nicholas and Matthew.

Collins is about to turn 70, 22 years younger than his ex-wife, who claimed, in her scandalous accusations that, Due to the stench of her husband, “she was unable to have sexual intercourse.”

Those statements were described by the musician’s lawyers as “scandalous, mocking, unethical and, for the most part, patently false or grossly exaggerated,” according to a statement.

In addition, the defense of the musician assures that these public affirmations damage the image of Collins. “The false and scandalous accusations are to be reproduced in the media. to try to damage Phil Collins’ reputation in an effort to extort money and extort money”They said.

Phil Collins, in action.  How much better when it is enjoyed in music instead of having its marital problems aired.  Photo DPA

Phil Collins, in action. How much better when it is enjoyed in music instead of having its marital problems aired. Photo DPA

To all this is added that, Cevey secretly married another musician, Thomas Bates, in Las Vegas, and went to live with him in the house that is in dispute. And that was what filled the patience of the former Genesis, who put his lawyers to work to keep the property and sue his ex for his sayings.

However, This Thursday, January 21, the deadline for her to leave the mansion in front of the beaches of Miami Beach, Florida, and Cevey must leave the luxurious house with his new partner.

Although a few years ago they had reached an agreement to distribute the Miami house between them, Cevey alleges that the musician broke the agreement and does not want to give him his share. Collins assures that she settled in with her new husband illegally and that she is usurping the mansion.

With Orianne out of the residence, Collins plans to put it up for sale and there would even be someone interested in buying it. Before Phil Collins the mansion had belonged, among others, to another star, Jennifer Lopez.

While the actual amount Collins is asking for the Discord Mansion is unknown, the property is already listed on some sites dedicated to the sale of luxury real estate.


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